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874New zines at AWS!

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  • Mystery Frank
    Oct 28, 2006
      Agent With Style will be at BASCon in San Francisco, CA this next
      weekend, and at Eclecticon in Newark, NJ the weekend after. Come say


      The following zines have been added to our webpage:


      * Multimedia *

      CHINOOK 4
      CHINOOK 5
      CHINOOK 6

      Just like the warm, invigorating winds that drive away the
      bitter cold of winter for which these zines were named, come immerse
      yourself in warm and wonderful stories that run the gamut from
      dramatic to funny and back again. From "Lord of the Rings" to "The
      Sentinel" to "Supernatural," and more, they'll drive away your blues
      and make you happy to have picked up these gen zines!


      From light to dark, silly to dramatic, the pairings that make up
      these beautiful mosaics will entrance and enthrall you in a collage
      of wonderfully slashy stories!


      * Real Ghostbusters *


      In this amazing gen novella, written by Sheila Paulson, with a
      lovely cover by Cat's Meow Creative Arts, when rock star Eddie
      Plummer receives a mysterious medallion from an anonymous fan, he
      doesn't dream it's the start of an attempt to hold his music for
      ransom. Summoned to the hideout of a mysterious entity, Eddie is
      trapped. Can his cousin Egon Spengler and the rest of the
      Ghostbusters come to his rescue? Can he escape the dark compulsion
      that controls his actions? With danger coming from several sources,
      the Ghostbusters must stop an entity so powerful the throwers may not
      be able to contain it.


      * The Sentinel *

      CHINOOK 3

      In an all-Sentinel issue of this multimedia zine, Blair tests
      Jim's limits; Blay lays down the law; a bad day just keeps getting
      better; Chancellor Edwards escapes; an innocent man gets framed for
      murder;dark forces play havoc with the Sentinel and Guide; Sam
      Beckett takes the opportunity to re-write history; Equeri comes to
      the rescue; and Jim learns how to take measure of a Guide. From
      sweet to dramatic, this zine has it all!


      This *huge,* 300+ paged gen novel, written by the talented
      Yvonne S. McCool, is a truly *original* A/U and a joy to read. In the
      far distant future, police officers have neural chips that try to
      replicate Sentinel senses. Lt. Ellison's chip has, unfortunately,
      broken down. Luckily for him, the brilliant Dr. Sandburg knows
      exactly what's going on and why there's nothing really wrong with
      Jim. Of course, he's going to need to stick around to keep track of
      his patient.... An interesting premise, fascinating cases, a cool
      twist on genetic engineering, and the absolutely most memorable
      portrayal of Blair ever, bar none. This is one zine you *don't* want
      to miss!


      * Stargate: Atlantis *


      Atlantis, the city of the Ancients, lost for more than 10
      millennia and now once again found and the gate is open. In this
      enthralling gen zine, you'll find stories where you can explore a
      gate opening to thousands of different worlds and peoples in the
      Pegasus galaxy. A new enemy and new friends. And stories where
      McKay saves Sheppard by going against Elizabeth's direct orders,
      seeking help from an old acquaintance; Sheppard picks a new member of
      his team; McKay learns to face the loss of a team member, and much


      * Star Trek (TOS) *

      LEGENDS 4

      Kirk and Spock work hard and play even harder, even if it's
      sweet and romantic. That's how they became...legends. Don't miss
      the newest zine in this series, chock full of hot, steamy stories
      that will melt your heart!


      With laughter, and just a sprinkling of tears, Kirk and Spock
      show just how much a Human and Vulcan can complement one another.
      Come experience the warmth and enveloping love that resonate from
      these stories by some of the best authors in this fandom!


      * Star Wars *


      Chockful of funny, romantic stories that will hold you
      spellbound to the very end, this zine contain tales in which after
      the Deathstar battle, Han and Leia have to figure a few things out
      about attraction, friendship, grief, celebration, love and the
      makings of a really great mint-ale flash; as the Hoth base prepares
      to evacuate, tensions run high between smugger and princess. Can Han
      find the right way to tell Leia that he must leave?; Han is severely
      injured when the Falcon crash lands and he and Leia are stranded,
      where they struggle with their developing love; and while on an
      undercover mission, Han and Leia must behave as a married couple --
      will these two explosive personalities survive this? And more!


      * Supernatural *


      In this intriguing novella, written by J.M. Griffin, having Sam
      back in his life changes everything for Dean, but it isn't long
      before he finds himself falling back into some of his old ways. Full
      of brotherly byplay, this novella explores the connection between
      Dean and Sam, as well as the deepest desires of Dean Winchester.
      Dean meets and falls for a man named James, but Sam is suspicious.
      What does James want -- really? Is his brother safe with this
      mysterious man? This novella is Dean/Original Character; there is
      *no* Wincest. But can brotherly love save Sam when he steps between
      Dean and the man of his dreams?


      Sam Winchester is a college student bound for law school,
      determined to escape his family's past -- unlike his older brother,
      Dean. Ever since they were little, their father has been consumed
      with an obsession to find the evil forces that murdered his beloved
      wife, and recruited his two young sons to help him. They have grown
      up as hunters of the supernatural. Sam escaped this way of life after
      high school, and had a happy life with his girlfriend, Jessica, and a
      promising future career, while Dean stayed behind with his father to
      join him in his "hunting". But when their father goes missing, Sam
      must join his brother to help find him. Sam's one weekend trip to
      search for the missing John Winchester becomes an ongoing quest after
      a horrible tragedy ruins any thought of a happy life for Sam. The two
      brothers, bound by tragedy and blood to their mission, now travel
      across the country, encountering terrifying and dangerous forces most
      believe to be nothing but superstition and folklore, searching for
      and occasionally meeting up with their father, as they determinedly
      search for the evil that has had such a devestating impact on their
      lives. In these fascinating gen zines, from the amazing minds of K.
      Hanna Korossy, Brate, Swellison, J.M. Griffin, JJJunky and many
      others come wicked tales of laughter and tears, danger and brief
      moments of safety in the lives of the Winchester brothers. Come join
      Sam and Dean for a wild, wild ride!

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