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870Clamor Magazine seeks submissions (writers and artists)

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  • altarmagazine
    Aug 6, 2006
      Call for Submissions - Writers & Artists
      Topic: FEAR
      Deadline: NOV. 1ST

      We've all felt it, and now it's time to uncover some of the reasons
      why. Constant survellience. Internalized racism. Past trauma. Send
      us your work about FEAR. Below is the short version of how to submit
      pitches and artwork. For full guidelines, visit

      Submitting your work to Clamor is fairly easy. Following these steps
      will help make the process easier for you and our editors:
      1. Refer to our upcoming themes and deadlines.
      2. Pitch your story idea to the appropriate section editor before the
      3. Sit tight and wait to hear from the editor.

      Other Important Info:
      * Be sure to include your name, email address and phone number in the
      draft itself.
      * Feature-length articles and Interviews should be 2500 words or
      * Clamor only prints original material.
      * You don't have to be a professional to submit work to Clamor.
      * We do pay for content, though it's a modest amount ($.03 per word
      starting in 2006).

      If you have any questions, please read through our full guidelines at
      http://clamormagazine.org/participate, and if you're still not
      satified, send an email to info@....

      Your work is important, and we want to print it. We look forward to
      hearing from you!