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772New zines at AWS!

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  • Mystery Frank
    Mar 27 1:07 PM
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      Agent With Style will be at Connexions in
      Baltimore, MD on April 1-3, 2005.

      Deadline for pre-con orders: March 28, 2005 11:59 EST

      If you want to make sure you can get a zine,
      please send us a pre-con order!


      * www.agentwithstyle.com *


      * Forever Knight *


      He was brought across in 1228. After centuries of bloodshed,
      vampire Nicholas Knight has forsaken immortality and is determined to
      reclaim his humanity. He now spends his nights as a homicide
      detective with his smug partner, Donald Schanke, fighting the city's
      most brutal crimes. Joining in Nicholas' quest is Dr. Natalie
      Lambert, a brilliant forensic scientist, who is inching closer to the
      cure for his supernatural condition. Nick's master, Lucien LaCroix,
      however, will stop at nothing to ensure that Nick remains a vampire.
      In his darkest moments, Nick turns to the lovely vampire Janette, who
      offers him unconditional loyalty despite her prominent standing in
      the vampire underworld. From some of the best writers in Forever
      Knight fandom, come read of laughter, betrayal, tears and loving in
      the often-dark world of the only vampire cop with a conscience.


      * Highlander *


      A human woman, Darcy, comes to Duncan for lessons in swordplay,
      in this novella written by Michelle L. Levigne, but Duncan discovers
      that her adopted father is an old Immortal friend, and that friend's
      partner is an old Immortal enemy, who has sworn to kill Duncan at the
      first opportunity. In the midst of murder, betrayal, heartache and
      love, Duncan must discover what the truth is, how the Watchers are
      involved, and whether Darcy is innocent bait -- or an accomplice.


      * Multimedia *


      Finally collected in one *huge* volume, this zine contains the
      reprinted stories of Dovya Blacque, Maxine Blythe Curry, Time
      Dahliquist, Allisa Raven Stark, Arlan Symons and Starr Copeland, some
      of the most amazing writers in any fandom! Come get carried away by
      Jim and Blair as they fight the good fight, or Crockett and Tubbs as
      they cruise around in cool shades, or the SG-1 team as they discover
      unique things about new planets -- and themselves. Don't miss this
      wonderful zine!


      * Mutant X *

      MUTANT seX 3

      In a world where genetic experiments have gotten out of hand and
      the government wants to get rid of the results as quietly as
      possible, a group of mutants attempt to save their own kind by
      identifying new mutants and smuggling them into their version of the
      Underground Railroad. Under the guidance of Adam, a brilliant
      scientist whose work was originally used in the experiments and who
      now wants to make up for his sins, two men and two women, calling
      themselves Mutant X, strive to get to new mutants before the
      government does. With a beautiful color cover by John Heebink, this
      zine contains some wonderful stories by JenCat, Andromeda Valentine
      and Jane Mailander. Focusing on the new and loving relationship that
      develops between mutants Brennan and Jesse, sometimes despite
      overwhelming odds, this zine offers up enthralling tales that will
      have you clamoring for more!


      * Star Trek: Deep Space 9 *


      Bashir is missing! On a mercy mission to Bajor, in this novella
      by Tami Regan, his ship goes down in a remote mountain range. Is he
      still alive? Who sabotaged his ship? While Odo seeks answers on the
      planet, Kira must face Sisko and her own conscience for having sent
      the doctor into danger -- and face the truth that somewhere, an old
      friend has betrayed her as well. Meanwhile, Bashir must defend his
      right to survive and practice medicine against a Bajoran who resents
      the Federation presence, and who learned certain Cardassian
      techniques ... too well.


      When Kohn-Ma terrorists infiltrate DS9 in this novella by Tami
      Regan, taking Keiko and the children hostage, demanding medical
      assistance for their wounded leader, Kira's convinced her old friend
      Tahna Lorella wants revenge for her imprisoned brother. Then the
      Cardassian gul arrives, willing to do whatever it takes to get the
      terrorists who murdered thousands of civilians, even risk war with
      the Federation. Sisko is caught between his son's life, Cardassian
      justice and the destruction of DS9.


      Stranded, under attack by Tzenkethi soldiers, Dax and Bashir
      fight to save their passenger, an important Federation agent who's
      made too many enemies. Then Julian must host a dying Trill, and
      Jadzia discovers emotions that had been buried for nearly three
      centuries. When they're captured by their enemies, will she lose
      friend and lover? Can she sort her feelings from a past host's?
      Even if they escape, is rescue near enough to save the lives of
      Julian Trin? Don't miss this fascinating novella by Tami Regan!


      In this novella written by Tami Regan, with a lovely cover by
      Angus, Julian Bashir is the only human to have survived a meeting
      with Enabrin Tain, and returned with medical information that saved
      Garak's life. But saving a Cardassian may have cost him his career.
      Admiral Nechayev arrives to inform Sisko that Starfleet has
      suspicions about Bashir's loyalty, and is ordering his court
      martial. Meanwhile, the doctor can't defend himself; for in
      responding to a medical emergency, he's run afoul of Cal Hudson, Ro
      Laren and a Cardassian attack. His only chance of survival may lie
      in accepting the Maquis invitation to join them.


      * Star Trek (TOS) *


      With stories that revel in the dark fire within us all, this
      zine, with a gorgeous cover by T'Guess, contains tales in which Spock
      breaks free of Parmen's control for a moment, and the action he takes
      provokes the Platonian's revenge; Spock chooses a visible symbol of
      his submission to James Kirk; Kirk and Spock must deal with the
      consequences of a violent pon farr; James Kirk, special agent for
      Starfleet, follows his prey, the Vulcan criminal Spock, wanted for
      mind-crimes, and much more. Don't miss this edgy, enthralling zine!

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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