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768Easter 2005 - The Holy Shroud

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  • mondonuovo1000
    Mar 2, 2005
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      Back from Africa, where I was a secular missionary in the Kayon
      Ghozi's leprosary (Burundi) because of health reasons, I wrote these
      lucky Flashes of mine, which got a resounding success ,on Turin's
      Prof. Harry Gove,which made the Holy Shroud date back to the middle-
      ages in 1988 by the method 14C, already in 1995, in the light on the
      latest scientific knowledge, realised that the dating was wrong .
      The Mystery of the Holy Shroud print,which couldn't be made by men
      at all, must be correlated to the Mystery of the Resurrection of
      Jesus,Who was wrapped in the Holy Shroud after being buried and rose
      from the death in the Holy Shroud.
      The Faith we feel in our heart needn't any confirmation, but Turin's
      Holy Shroud becomes an unequivocal one, beyond our will.
      The end of my Flashes contains a twelve/thirteen lined brief
      synthesis of my life.

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