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697New multimedia gen zine!

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  • Agent With Style
    Oct 4, 2004
      Deadline for SHarecon and BASCon pre-con orders is
      midnight, October 18. Deadline for Eclecticon pre-con
      orders is midnight, October 25. If you want to pick
      up zines at any of these cons, please place your
      pre-con orders on our webpage as soon as possible!

      Agent With Style

      is proud to announce, in plenty of time for those
      holiday orders, a brand new gen multimedia zine is now


      a compliation of Christmas stories written by
      long-time writer and extremely talented author Sheila
      Paulson, in varying fandoms such as The Sentinel,
      Stargate SG-1, Real Ghostbusters, Buck Rogers, Quantum
      Leap, Shadow Chasers, The Master, Blake's 7, Due South
      and more!

      There's also a *brand-new* Lord of the Rings story
      just for this zine! Don't miss it!

      * * *

      A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by Sheila Paulson
      (The Sentinel)

      "So a friend of mine is having this big Christmas
      party next week," Blair was saying. "And I can't get
      out of it, but if you want to come, you can."
      "A college party, Sandburg?"
      "She's a teaching fellow, Jim, not an
      undergraduate. It's not gonna be a bunch of kids."
      "Your kind of thing, Sandburg. You go."
      Blair's face held disappointment, but he masked
      it instantly, coming up with a grin. "We don't talk
      about prehistoric man and cultural differences between
      ancient tribes when we party, Jim."
      "Oh, no? I remember that thing you dragged me to
      for Halloween, Sandburg. An old lady with *blue hair*
      pinned me in a corner and talked to me about...what
      was it? Cultural diffusion in Micronesia. For forty
      Sandburg's eyes twinkled. "That's Dr. Spangler.
      She never talks about anything else. She won't be at
      the Christmas party. She'll be away for the holidays.
      I swear you'll be safe." He was laughing, flinging
      out a dare.
      But Jim shook his head. "Thanks for the offer,
      Chief, but I think I'll pass."
      "Yes, sir, Mr. Scrooge, sir," Blair teased him,
      cocking an eyebrow expectantly.
      "I said, *I'll pass,*" Jim snapped
      involuntarily, resenting the 'Scrooge' comment, even
      as he wondered if there was truth in it.
      All the fun went out of Sandburg's eyes, and Jim
      felt mean. Knowing he was in the wrong tended to make
      him want to take his guilt and anger out on the
      nearest handy target, but he stomped down the impulse.
      "Sorry. Look, Sandburg, I just don't do Christmas.
      Don't try to 'redeem' me or turn me around. As far as
      I'm concerned, Christmas is just another day.
      Celebrate it all you like, just don't try to make me
      part of it. I'm not trying to be a jerk about it, I
      just don't do it. Fair enough?"
      Blair nodded. "Sure, Jim," he said quietly. "No
      But there was no sparkle in his face, and he was
      far quieter than usual all the way back to the

      LET NOTHING YOU DISMAY by Sheila Paulson
      (Stargate SG-1)

      "I do not believe such garb is necessary," Teal'c
      said in a disgusted snort, frowning down at his
      unexpected attire.
      "Oh, come on, Teal'c, where's your Christmas
      spirit?" Recruited into the enterprise, Colonel
      O'Neill had unbent remarkably. He was no longer a
      Grinch. The teasing, ever-so-slightly silly side of
      his nature, which only emerged when he was happy and
      there was no danger, or when he wanted to help another
      team member relax, was at the fore. He stood back,
      head tilted, surveying Teal'c. "It's you," he said,
      his eyes twinkling. "It's really you."
      "It is not me. It is simply strange clothing. I
      am not certain I can forgive you this," Teal'c said.
      He felt remarkably foolish.
      Jack reached out and adjusted Teal'c's hat, and
      the wig along with it. "You'll do. Come on, let's go
      show Sam. We just have to remember, it's all her
      fault. If Daniel gets on our case about it, we put
      the blame squarely where it belongs. Deal?"
      Teal'c hesitated, then he realized O'Neill's
      words were true. All the blame must fall on Captain
      Carter -- for the idea. For its execution, he and
      O'Neill had an equal share in the blame. However, he
      had learned much since his arrival on Earth. "It is a
      deal," he concurred.
      "You look...great," O'Neill continued, struggling
      not to laugh. "I wish I had a camera so I could show
      the people at the base...."
      "No. Part of the 'deal' was that there were to
      be no photographs." Teal'c tugged uncomfortably at
      the broad, black belt secured across his middle. It
      was not too tight; it would not disturb his Goa'uld
      larva. "This clothing is very hot," he added. "I do
      not like it."
      "It's only to get us in the door. Ready? Good."
      O'Neill tilted his head to one side and studied the
      finished product. "Great. Come on, Sam's waiting."
      Captain Carter's delight in seeing Teal'c lit up
      her whole face....

      To find out how it ends, as well as read many other
      wonderful tales, including a brand-new Lord of the
      Rings story, get this great zine! 'TIS THE SEASON,
      now available at Agent With Style's webpage

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