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489New Distro and Cheap Vegan #10

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  • nurdsteph
    Jul 1, 2003
      Hi Everybody!

      Please pardon the crosspost!

      Announcement #1: The Pleasant Unicorn Store/Distro- the only distro
      dedicated to food zines and not much else- is now up and running. It's located
      at http://diystore.cjb.net . We currently have 13 food zines in stock with more
      on the way. If you have a food zine you'd like to have distro'd, e-mail me at:
      nurdsteph@... and we'll work something out!

      Announcement #2: The Cheap Vegan #10 is out after a 1 month hiatus and
      ready for all you hungry people to devour. This issue has a new format. Half-
      size, 14 pages + cover, has a snazzier layout, and actually looks like a zine.
      This issue includes: recipe for the Universal Casserole (Vegan Tightwads
      Unite Under One Casserole!), how to clean your bathroom cheap with
      vinegar, sprouting, hummus recipe, faux frugal tips that make me want to
      break something, eating on the road, and more!

      It's $1 + stamp to:
      Stephanie Scarborough
      P. O. Box 715
      Weatherford, TX 76086

      Thanks, and may your day royally rock!