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477New Distro Needs Zine Submissions!

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  • nurdsteph
    Jun 1, 2003

      I am starting a distro dedicated solely to food zines and I need submissions. As long as your zine is related to food in some way or another, I'll consider it for distribution. The following are examples I'm looking for:

      -vegan zines
      -zines full of poems about food
      -short story collections related to food
      -recipe zines
      -zines about eating
      -restaurant review zines
      -zines about shopping for food
      -zines about working as a chef or other food job
      -eating disorders
      -food fetishes
      -if it's a zine and it's main topic is related to food, send me a sample!

      For distro consideration, send me a sample copy (and a envelope with return postage if you want it returned, if you don't want it returned, it'll go in a pile for grab bags if I don't accept it for distro). If I want to carry it, I'll buy 5-10 copies at your wholesale rate. I pay cash upfront, no trades or consignment. Please include a e-mail address or SASE so I can contact you if I need to. My address is:

      P. O. Box 715
      Weatherford, TX 76086