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330Free Classifieds*

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  • gothgrrl66
    Nov 2, 2001
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      Hello 'zinesters. I'm looking for any classifieds
      that you might want to put in my 'zine, i'm doing a
      free classifieds section to kind of build a 'zinester
      network into my 'zine.<br>I'm looking for the following
      listings to be added:<br> *Help wanted section (involving
      'zines/distros, alternative press/media)<br> <br> * Alternative
      lifestyles listings (to be gay/bisexual/lesbian
      friends/people through the internet or real life encounters. No
      dirty ads just friendly, real life stuff, k?<br><br> *
      zine ads<br><br> * music ads<br><br> *pen pals: want a
      pen pal? then write down your name, short bit about
      interests, include mailing address and email
      address<br><br><br>The only thing i ask about these classifieds is that
      they are made/written relatively short in order for me
      to be able to put as many as i can into my
      'zine.<br>My 'zine is half-sized so keep the printing
      small.<br>You can email classifieds to me at
      BasementFreak@... or mail them to me at:<br>Basement Freak
      Productions<br>c/o Ashley Lambert<br>1102- Gordon Road<br>Apt
      #D414<br>Nelson, BC<br>V1L 3M4<br><br>Thank you.<br>-- anarchy.
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