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  • Agent With Style
    Nov 22, 2009
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      to get the latest zine listings!

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *


      * Kung Fu: The Legend Continues *


      A gen memorial issue remembering David Carradine, who passed recently, and
      celebrating the life of an amazing Shaolin priest, his son and their friends
      and family.

      "Boot Camp Script" by David Carradine - The original script that became the
      aired episode "Special Forces," written by one of the show's stars. Not
      only is it much better than the actual episode that aired, it's hilarious,
      campy and only found in this zine.

      "Rewind" by Lisa Lovewell - Morning comes, the day passes, someone dies.
      Moring comes, the day passes, someone dies. Looks like a certain priest has
      his work cut out for him, lest the outcome become permanent...

      "Three Weeks" by Lisa Lovewell - An Air France flight crashes into the
      ocean, but miraculously all but five passengers survive. When passenger
      Kwai Chang Caine is missing and presumed drowned, Peter is still hopeful.
      Three weeks later, with no word or sign, is Peter just kidding himself?

      "The Search" by Karen Mary Judson - What was supposed to be a peaceful
      camping trip for Peter and Pop turns into a desperate search by a father for
      a dying son. Will he find Peter before it's too late?

      "Peter Lawrence, Attorney at Law" by Lisa Lovewell - In an alternate
      universe, Peter is an overworked criminal lawyer appointed by the Court as
      defense counsel to an odd felon named Matt Avery. Avery is a
      familiar-looking, mysterious, long-haired, social, smart-mouthed hippie who
      doesn't think much of his new attorney. Until they both start having
      visions of Chinatown.

      "Starting Over" by Lisa Lovewell - Kwai Chang Caine is shot and killed while
      assisting in childbirth and everyone is devastated. While a grieving Peter
      is forced to handle making arrangements for a traditional Chinese funeral
      ceremony, he keeps encountering an amnesiatic young man. There seems to be
      some sort of connection between them, but neither knows why.

      "The Long and Winding Road" by Lisa Lovewell - Peter is inadvertently
      transported back to 1964, where he gives a ride to a stranded young woman.
      Normally, that's not a problem. Unless that woman is your future mother,
      and you've just interrupted what was to be your parents' first meeting.

      "Parting Thoughts" by Various - Quotes from characters on the show, having
      to do with loss, life and dealing with both.


      * NCIS *


      Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a recently divorced, highly successful,
      hard-working lawyer, advertises for a tutor for his eight-year-old daughter,
      Kelly. The successful applicant is Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard. The two men
      quickly become close friends. However, what Jethro could not possibly have
      realized was that Ducky will turn his life upside down and change it in ways
      he could not possibly have imagined, in this enthralling Gibbs/Ducky novel
      by Ashleigh Anpilova. This is an absolutely wonderful, gentle romance which
      will even appeal to those who aren't even into this fandom or pairing.


      * The Professionals *


      With gorgeous front and back color covers by KAM, this slash zine
      contains two intriguing novellas by Kyle Dixon: "Secrets" -- Pursuing arms
      and drug dealers was an everyday occurrence for the lads of CI5. So why
      couldn't they find Danny Leopard? With the help of a junkie, and a lot of
      luck, Bodie and Doyle close in on Leopard to end his reign of terror. But
      the ride is far from smooth as a shocking secret comes to light that could
      shatter them *and* their partnership. And "A Proper Weekend Off" -- A rare
      weekend off for the lads is wonderful until Ray Doyle returns to find out
      that Bodie is missing. Thinking his berk partner is only extending his
      weekend, Doyle isn't concerned until Bodie's abandoned car is found in the
      countryside some distance from London. A local robbery report and Bodie's
      description panics Ray and he prays he's not too late to save his beloved


      * The Sentinel *


      With stunning color covers by Suzan Lovett and stories from
      accomplished authors such as Legion, D.C. Black, MegaRouge, J.H. Hindman,
      Wendy Myers and many more, these stories will show you the very essence of
      what it means to be a Sentinel -- and what it means to have a Guide. And
      when those two things come together in laughter, tears and passionate love,
      come explore the lives of a cop and an academic who are so very much more
      than the sum of their parts!


      * Stargate SG-1 *

      ANCIENT'S GATE 18 -- gen

      "Black and Blue" by Storyhaus - Jack and Daniel are being suspiciously
      evasive about an injury.

      "Almost There" by Nancy Richardson - Daniel helps an injured Jack home.

      "Eye of the Beholder" by Babs - Sam has to observe her teammates go through
      an off-world ritual.

      "Dangerous Whispers" by Samantilles - Earth is a noisy planet, sending all
      those signals into space. Someone, somewhere, might be listening. But what -
      or whom - are they listening to?

      "Sharp Dressed Man" by Storyhaus - Never send a woman to do a Jaffa's job.

      "Entombed" by Carlyn - Daniel gets in over his head.

      "A Tangled Web" by Eilidh - A newly descended Daniel Jackson catches the
      interest of the Tok'ra. But with the Tok'ra, things are never as they seem.

      "Beware That Which Commands Us" by Eilidh, Bailyes, Amberfly, Denny J... -
      In the wake of Reese and the attack on the SGC by the replicators, strange
      events begin to happen. And they all seem to revolve around Daniel.

      ANCIENT'S GATE 19 - slash

      "The Cabin" by Nancy R. - Daniel, seeking answers, joins Jack at his cabin.

      "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" byCarlyn - SG-1 returns to Hak'tyl,
      accompanying Janet Fraiser on her six month follow up with the female Jaffa
      who reside there. While Janet runs tests to check the effectiveness of the
      women's Tretonin therapy, Daniel seeks to keep his promise and reconnect
      with the young warrior-trainee, Nesa. Nesa has her own plans for the visit,
      however. Plans that could ultimately spell disaster for Jack and Daniel.

      "Ship of Love" by Storyhaus - Jack, Daniel, and stormy seas ahead. The
      Titanic was never like this....

      "Stranded" by Babs and Denny J. - SG-1 must integrate into a strange new
      society when they become cut off from Earth.

      "Redemption" by Jillie - Surviving a friend's betrayal and being stranded
      far, far away from home, Jack learns how to start over and what makes the
      world turn.


      * Supernatural *


      In this enthralling novel by Gaelicspirit, with a beautiful color cover
      by Thru Terry's Eyes, an unreal heatwave, an usual enemy and an unresolved
      relationship buffet the brothers through the storm of Dean's deal with the
      demon. In a tale about humanity and the mistakes we make while looking for
      salavation on whatever journey we embark upon, both Dean and Sam discover
      anew that no wound is healed without leaving some kind of scar.

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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