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  • Agent With Style
    Jul 5, 2009
      Our next con is Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD, on July 10-12, 2009. Hope to
      see you there!

      The con after that is Close Quarters in Laurel, MD, on July 18, 2009.
      Pre-con orders are a Good Thing and are being accepted until 11:59 EST on
      July 11, 2009.

      Note - we will *only* be at Close Quarters for Saturday. That's it, just
      the one day. This is a single-fandom con celebrating "The Professionals,"
      so we'll only have Pros zines at the con, but you can send in a pre-con
      order for *any* zine on our website and we'll have it packaged and waiting
      for you at our table in the dealer's room.

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *


      * Lord of the RIngs *


      From such prolific authors as Gwynnyd, Skye Rutherford, Carolyn
      Golledge, Sheila Paulson and others, come stories that will amaze you:
      Riding out to save a supply train headed for Osgiliath, a young Boromir
      finds more than victory; finding his hands stained with Boromir's blood,
      Aragorn accepts a duty long left abandoned; after long years of marriage,
      Aragorn discovers he has a problem of an intimate nature and there seems to
      be no one with whom he can discuss it. Or is there? And many others. Full
      of wonderful tales, this gen zine is a keeper!


      * Lord of the Rings / Fantastic Journey *


      While surveying land for a settlement Legolas plans in North Ithilien,
      he, Gimli, Gandalf and Faramir discover an underground city, and a passage
      where a stone globe guards the entrance into a world of strange zones of
      time. Out of the zones come five people - Varian, a healer from the distant
      future, Scott and Fred from the 1970s, Willaway from the 1960s, Liana, half
      human/half alien - and a cat that may have special powers, fleeing a land
      where Vampires rule. When a Vampire's slave, an elf who has been long lost
      in the zones, follows them, seeing freedom, he sets the stage for a
      confrontation that could endanger all of Middle-earth. Written by Sheila
      Paulson, who weaves together two universes while managing to deftly give
      background on both, this "Lord of the Rings" / "Fantastic Journey" gen novel
      will hold you spellbound to the very last page!


      * Multimedia *


      This zine is a collection of stories from the attendees of Con*Strict,
      a wonderful multimedia slash con where anything goes, and that's just the
      kind of tales you'll find here. With the theme of this issue being
      crossovers, you'll see Sam and Dean discovering strange and supernatural
      happenings while paired up with the folks from Atlantis, Starsky and Hutch
      meeting Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, the group from "Stargate: Atlantis" bumping
      into Dr. Who, the "Supernatural" boys finding out what it's like to become a
      "Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger" and much more. From serious drama to
      side-splitting hilarity, you'll never want to put this zine down!


      * NCIS *


      When he was 22, while on medical leave from the military, Jethro
      Gibbs met two children, a young girl named Abby and a young boy named
      Anthony, and the three of them went through a traumatic event together.
      Through the years, Gibbs kept in touch with Abby, but, while he never forgot
      Anthony, he never saw him again. Years later, as fate and NCIS bring them
      all back together, a case reaches back into the past to threaten Tony's
      life. Don't miss this enthralling slash (Gibbs/DiNozzo) novel by Lady Ra,
      with a brilliant color cover by KAM!


      * The Sentinel *

      SYNERGY 7
      SYNERGY 8
      SYNERGY 9

      Synergy is defined as the working together of two things to produce an
      effect greater than the sum of their individual effects - and what better
      example of that than Jim and Blair, two dissimilar men who come together, as
      friends, partners and lovers, resulting in a relationship that is better
      than either man alone? With deftly-written tales by such wonderful authors
      as Anne Light, Glow, Emrys, Kath Moonshine, Tiger Tyger and many others,
      these are zines you'll want to read again and again!


      * Star Trek (TOS) *

      LEGENDS 5

      With a gorgeous full-color Suzan Lovett cover, this K/S zine has some
      amazing tales:

      "In The Jungle" by Mary Kay -- On a mission to raid and destroy a Romulan
      base, Kirk and Spock meet up with a local mercenary, someone Kirk once knew.
      Someone who'd like to know Kirk again. As a result, Spock has a run-in with
      the unpleasant, most unVulan emotion of jealousy.

      "Turbo Talk" by Khiori -- When a turbolift malfunctions, conversation
      between the trapped captain and a young ensign seems to reveal more than is
      actually being said.

      "We All Need Someone" by Mary Kay - Ill-tempered and angry, Kirk has been
      acting more like a wounded bear than a Starfleet captain. It takes a good -
      brave - friend to get to the bottom of where the problem lies.

      "The Flare-Up" by Jean Marie Sosa -- Lovingly bonded, Kirk and Spock face
      difficult storms, both professionally and, on occasion, personally. One
      time in particular.

      "The Human Factor" by Deborah Cummins -- Following the fal-tor-pan, Spock
      finds himself in great upheaval. Everything is alien and unknown, seemingly
      unknowable. Questions plague him: who is he as a Vulcan, what does it even
      mean to be Vulcan? Who are these people, these humans who call him friend?
      But the most difficult task of all is learning how to once again be Spock.

      "A Matter of Trust" by Mary Kay -- Kirk and Spock are just beginning a more
      intimate relationship when an assignment takes them to a planet run by
      women, testing Spock's ability to trust his new partner when Kirk's previous
      reputation becomes an issue.

      "Two Words" by Catalena Mara -- Based on Barbara Hambly's pro Trek novel,
      "Ishmael," this story tells of what happens once Spock is returned to his
      timeline from 1870s Seattle, Washington. How has his time in Earth's past
      with Aaron Stemple and the rest of the characters from "Here Come The
      Brides" changed him? What has he learned? What has he gained?


      * Stargate: Atlantis *


      In this slash McShep zine, Sian has written four A/U tales that
      explore John and Rodney's journey, from first blush to established
      relationship and beyond, and you won't want to miss a word!

      "You Don't Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression" - Rodney is not
      the only one to find out he's on the 1996 Nobel Prize short list.

      "Quantum Entanglement" - What happens when a quantum mirror is broken? How
      many universes and years of bad luck is that?

      "Anallagmatic" - John Sheppard and Jeannie McKay got married so that she
      could stay in the country and John's Air Force superiors wouldn't find out
      he was gay. But the marriage hadn't lasted and he hadn't heard from her in
      more than three years - until tonight. A 3:00 a.m. phone call from Jeannie
      sends John in search of her missing little brother, Rodney, who, along with
      his boss, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, had disappeared from something called the
      Asgard Institute. Will John find Rodney in time? Will Rodney be ungrateful
      and snide if he does? Yeah, sure, you betcha!

      "Live Free and Die" - In a re-writing of the fourth "Die Hard" movie, Sian
      pits John and Rodney against time and a terrorist organization who is
      threatening to systematically take down the United States' computer
      infrastructure over the July 4th holiday. Detective John Sheppard and
      genius computer hacker Rodney McKay must get past their obvious distrust of
      one another and work together to stop the terrorists from shutting down air
      traffic towers, hospitals, traffic signals, banks, the TMZ website and all
      of the millions of things that rely upon computers to function. Will they
      succeed or will life as we know it come to a grinding halt?


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      In this intriguing slash novel written by Neena Varscona and topped
      with a lovely color cover by KAM, when SG-1 stumbles across a secret stash
      of Goa'uld treasure, Daniel's enthusiasm puts him in more danger than he
      could have ever imagined. Now, infected with alien organisms that go
      dormant in the presense of Jack O'Neill, and cause Daniel agonizing pain
      when he and Jack are apart, the unlikely and impossible couple must face
      their fears and their inhibitions to save Daniel's life. Can Jack put aside
      a lifetime of military conditioning to do what needs to be done to save his
      friend, even at the expense of his career? And will Daniel be able to come
      to terms with his painful past in order to survive? On a journey to become
      a man respected by others, will the Amadeus Effect make or break Dr. Daniel


      * Supernatural *


      In this gen A/U novel by IMTheresa, though set early in season four,
      John is alive and active in the brothers' lives. He's not exactly as he was
      before, however. Having found a way to defeat Azazel, John prefers the
      quiet life he's made for himself in a town where he has friends and a
      thriving business. He's still a source of information to hunters, and he'll
      always come to the aid of his sons, but he wants peace and the chance to
      finally be a father to his children.

      As for Sam and Dean, they have to face their feelings about their
      father. Sam, who for so long butted heads with John, just wants harmony in
      the family. Dean, the former mediator, is struggling with the new

      On top of all that is the trauma of a case that lands at the feet of
      the Winchesters. It's a job involving the children of John's adopted
      hometown, a situation that brings up painful memories for Dean and forces
      John to walk a fine line between being a hunter and a concerned citizen.
      Don't miss this fantastic novel!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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