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  • Agent With Style
    Jul 1 3:37 AM
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      Please note - I'm adding zines to our website as fast as I can, but I'm only
      one person. Please hang on a little longer, and the zine you're waiting for
      will pop up on our site, ready to be ordered. My tired fingers thank you.

      Our next con is Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD, on July 10-12, 2009. Pre-con
      orders are a Good Thing and are being accepted until 11:59 EST on July 4,

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *


      * Magnificent Seven *


      In this engaging Chris/Ezra novel by VampyrAlex, with a lovely color
      cover by Romanse, someone from Ezra's past shows up at the unlikeliest of
      moments, causing complete upheaval for Ezra. A new mystery about the
      gambler's past ignites Chris's curiosity and hidden desire for Ezra. With
      all of the Seven standing at his side, Ezra finds himself dealing with
      difficult memories from the past and new challenges in the present. "Family
      Ties" addresses the question of what defines family and what defines friend.
      This is a wonderfully written, sexy, emotional tale that brings Chris and
      Ezra to difficult choices that will affect not only the rest of their lives,
      but the lives of *all* of the Seven.


      * Multimedia *


      From "NCIS" to "Supernatural" to "Lord of the Rings" to "Real
      Ghostbusters" to "Star Trek" in its many incarnations, and many more,
      flights of fancy and tales of dastardly derring-do fill the pages of this
      gen anthology zine. Come join in the fun!


      * NCIS / Man from UNCLE *


      DUCKY'S PAIN (also available from AWS) followed Illya Kuryakin and
      April Dancer from UNCLE to NCIS as they searched for a madman who was trying
      to kill both their family and Napoleon Solo's. This gen "NCIS" / "Man from
      UNCLE" crossover zine contains five stories by Batwoman set in the same
      universe, where we learn more about Illya/Ducky's and April's life together.

      "First Date" - Illya and April are attracted to each other, but they want a
      relationship based on more than physical attraction. Illya searches for the
      perfect first date.

      "Aftermath" - In the NCIS episode "Meat Puzzle," Ducky survived being taken
      hostage. Can his family survive learning he was kidnapped?

      "Letters" - Ducky makes plans for the future.

      "Decisions" - NCIS wants April to work for them.

      "Mother's Day" - April is given the perfect Mother's Day gift - the arrest
      of an old enemy.


      * The Sentinel *

      SYNERGY 5
      SYNERGY 6

      Synergy is defined as the working together of two things to produce an
      effect greater than the sum of their individual effects - and what better
      example of that than Jim and Blair, two dissimilar men who come together, as
      friends, partners and lovers, resulting in a relationship that is better
      than either man alone? With deftly-written tales by such wonderful authors
      as Anne Light, Glow, Emrys, Kath Moonshine and many others, these are zines
      you'll want to read again and again!


      * Stargate SG-1 *

      DHD 2
      DHD 3
      DHD 5

      The title is an acronym for "Dial Home Device," the machinery that
      allows one to dial up a Stargate and step through to another world, and just
      as that DHD opens a portal to new and unique places, so do these zines open
      a doorway to a thrilling and enthralling slash universe where Jack and
      Daniel are more than just good friends. These stories are full of laughter,
      affection, and most of all, the joy that friendship and partnership can
      bring to two men who often thought they would never find love again. Don't
      miss these amazing zines!


      * Starsky and Hutch *


      The limit of what's considered legal has changed drastically over the
      decades, and the hot, sweet stories in this slash zine, running from the hip
      '70s through the excellent '80s and all the way up to the fresh '90s,
      stretch those limits as the idea of what's taboo shifts with the years.
      Come join Starsky and Hutch as they go undercover as gay men in the leather
      underworld, or face the horror of turning (gulp) fifty, or learning to
      survive the shock of being together again and picking up the pieces of their
      lives following a separation of five long years, or stories that will leave
      you gasping for breath because you're laughing so hard. With authors like
      Cyanne, Glow, Chimera, Kath Moonshine, Emrys and Tiger Tyger, don't miss
      this fantastic zine!


      * Supernatural *


      Full of brand-new stories by amazing authors like Marcia Brin, K.
      Hanna Korossy, Angela Gabriel and more, these gen zines showcase funny, sad,
      happy and dramatic stories that show Dean and Sam in a new light!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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