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1127Theresa Sareo- Alive Again Documentary GET A FILM CREDIT

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  • Evan Ginzburg
    Feb 8, 2009
      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 5, 2009
      You are invited to watch the rough-cut trailer showing the work in progress for the upcoming documentary -
      "Theresa Sareo: Alive Again" 

      Since a life threatening accident which claimed her right leg on June 11, 2002 - Theresa has moved on to become an award winning singer/songwriter, healthcare and disabilities advocate, public speaker, and military entertainer.

      In November of 2008, Producer Evan Ginzburg (Associate Producer of "The Wrestler") and Director Rye Joseph have been teaming up and following her remarkable journey to a concert on June 11, 2009 which will celebrate the seventh anniversary of her survival; proving nothing will stop the song in her heart.

      "Believe -- in the miracle you are."
      "WANT TO GET A MOVIE CREDIT? Here's your chance to be added to the list of SPECIAL THANKS.  All you have to do is send OUR TRAILER AND PRESS RELEASES out to fifty or more people. The more people you send it to, the higher your credit will be. Ties will be broken alphabetically by name. It's a fun way to get your name on the silver screen!  Please send an open email so we can count the number of email addresses this is forwarded to. 
      And don't forget to add ratings and comments to the YouTube trailer. 
      Stay tuned for updates on movie shoots and exciting movie info.
      Many thanks for your continued support through these incredible years--and support of our upcoming documentary!!!
      Theresa, Evan and Rye

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