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  • Mystery Frank
    Mar 10, 2008
      We're off to RevelCon, so keep in mind there'll be a slight delay
      in filing orders until we get home. But if you're in the Houston
      area, come say hello!

      Our next con is Eyecon in Orlando, FL on April 4-6. The
      deadline for pre-con orders is April 1. Send in a pre-con order and
      don't worry about us selling out of the very zine you wanted!

      Thanks to all who continue to send Coke reward codes to us at
      zines @ agentwithstyle.com. They are very much appreciated!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      We've added the following zines to our website:


      * Alexander / Hephaestion *


      The boy who became the great leader Alexander the Great grew up
      with a boy named Hephaestion, and the two were life-long friends as
      well as lovers. With him through the most horrific wars, Hephaestion
      became Alexander's second-in-command after a hard-won campaign in
      China, and was ever at Alexander's side. In this amazingly *thick*
      full-sized slash zine, you'll find stories from all different points
      of the two men's lives: as boys, meeting each other for the first
      time, as best friends in young manhood, as well as men in deep,
      abiding love with each other. Come experience a love like no other
      in the tales of this zine, and you'll know why, after more than 2,000
      years, Alexander's and Hephaestion's relationship is still used as a
      yardstick against which other loves are measured — and usually found
      wanting. Don't miss this fantastic zine!


      * Angel *


      This novel, deftly written by K. Ann, takes place after the
      series' final episode, "Not Fade Away." Angel tries to break free of
      The Powers That Be and find his own way, but as a new enemy appears
      in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, Angel discovers a loyal ally — and
      surprising lover — in Spike. Together the two vampires face a
      difficult choice: fight for the survival of mankind ... or accept
      their true nature and let the demon hoards take over Earth. Don't
      miss this amazing novel!


      * Lord of the Rings *


      When an ancient artifact is stolen from Minas Tirith, Aragorn
      sends Faramir to retrieve it and apprehend the thief, in hopes of
      preventing a war for the northern kingdom of Arnor. In Bree, Faramir
      encounters old friends: Merry and Pippin, and Legolas and Gimli.
      Held captive by a ruthless band, can Faramir and Legolas retrieve the
      artifact? Written by Sheila Paulson, who also made the gorgeous
      color cover, this gen novel asks if these two can escape with their
      lives? And how can their friends help them? Another well-crafted,
      wonderfully-told tale by Sheila!


      * The Magnificent 7 *


      Containing stories from both the Old West as well as the ATF
      universe in this thick gen digest zine, Tammy spins amazing stories
      of the Seven that will hold you spell-bound to the very last page.
      Don't miss this enthralling zine!


      * The Sentinel *


      With a gorgeous color cover and interior artwork by The Cat's
      Meow Creative Arts, this *thick* digest zine gathers LilyK's numerous
      stories from various Sentinel and multimedia anthologies all in one
      slashy volume. Come fall in love with these stories all over again
      or discover LilyK's well-written tales for the first time!


      In this engrossing novel by Nancy Taylor, with a color cover and
      B&W interiors by Cat's Meow Creative Arts, Blair's cancer takes his
      voice, and he must learn to cope, regain his life. He finds a new
      voice, faces the return of the disease, and finally, turns his crisis
      into a way to help others, despite the risk to himself. Through all
      Blair's trials, failures and ultimate triumphs, Jim is there to offer
      comfort, support and love. While this novel contains permanent
      disability of major character, h/c, and is intense and occasionally
      graphic, a happy ending is guaranteed. Don't miss this amazing story!


      * Smallville *


      Written by one of the premiere authors of this fandom, this
      intriguing novel by VampyrAlex begins when two strangers arrive in
      Smallville, setting off a string of events that could be
      coincidental. Or not. Clark finds himself struggling to come to
      terms with his deep feelings for Lex, while at the same time trying
      to find out who's trying to *kill* the object of his affections — as
      well as Lex's father, Lionel — before it's too late. Life becomes a
      rollercoaster ride for Clark, Lex and their friends as they attempt
      to survive daunting odds!


      * Star Trek (TOS) *


      From the prolific pen of J.M. Lane comes a zine containing three
      enthralling stories. "In Another Life" shows what happens when Spock
      finally pushes Christine too far in his mistreatment of her and she
      gravitates to Kirk on the rebound. Spock attempts to win her back,
      but finds out it may be too little, too late. "Another Enemy" is a
      re-writing of the episode "Enemy Within," where Spock is the one who
      is divided into good and evil halves as the result of a transporter
      glitch. When both halves are recombined, Spock must deal with the
      horrible things his evil side has done, and the people he's hurt, but
      also with the love his good side has found with Christine. Will she
      accept him now that his good half is no longer pure good,
      but 'tainted' with his internalized evil side? "No-Win Scenario" --
      Spock and Uhura fall in love and decide to marry, which devastates
      Christine Chapel, until she meets a new Vulcan crewmember who shows a
      frank interest in her, and the feeling soon becomes mutual. This
      story follows the lives of the two couples as they meet, marry and
      begin families, and the ups and downs that come with life on the


      * Star Wars *


      In this slash novel written by Heidi, with a beautiful color
      cover by Shar, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have spent ten years spent apart.
      Brought together once more by dire circumstances, will they be able
      to reconcile their strong feelings for one another? Will they at
      last be able to find happiness in each other's arms?


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      With a lovely color cover by Shar, comes a novel from Rimfire
      that delves into something a little different: hot sex and three men
      in a loving BDSM relationship. Join sexy Jack, adorable Daniel and
      the mighty Teal'c as they bring in the New Year together. This novel
      will have you gasping and writhing in sweet torment right along with
      these three lovers as they explore and learn about each other as well
      as themselves. Don't miss it!


      * Supernatural *


      "I think Dad wants us to pick up where he left off. You know,
      saving people, hunting things... the family business," Dean tells Sam
      earnestly in the pilot episode. "So what do you say we kill some
      evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell?" And so begins a
      whirl-wind road trip that takes the two brothers from one end of the
      country to the other, hunting down all manner of demons and evil
      spirits, and sometimes raising more hell than they know what to do
      with. From the prolific and astounding mind of H.T. Marie comes
      deftly-written tales of the Winchesters that will have you laughing
      and crying with every turn of the page. Don't miss this amazing zine!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *
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