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21 Tips for Defeating Writer's Block

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  • Trey Pennewell
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Trey Pennewell Article Title: 21 Tips for Defeating Writer s Block See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article. Article
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Trey Pennewell

      Article Title:
      21 Tips for Defeating Writer's Block

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      One of the most difficult aspects of article writing and
      marketing, is how to come up with fresh topics to write
      about. It is even more difficult to put your finger on ideas
      that are hot and related to your topic. Here are some
      suggestions to help you get those creative juices flowing

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      21 Tips for Defeating Writer's Block
      Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Trey Pennewell
      Writing Puzzle

      One of the most difficult aspects of article writing and
      marketing, once you have been doing it for a longer period of
      time, is how to come up with fresh topics to write about. It is
      even more difficult to put your finger on ideas that are hot and
      related to your topic.

      Here are some suggestions to help you get those creative juices
      flowing again.

      * Visit forums related to your niche. Spend 30 minutes a day in
      forums related to your niche. Write down common questions or
      inquiries and use those to craft articles.

      * Visit the Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers. If one person has
      asked the question, chances are there are many more who have it
      but are afraid to ask. Answer the most common questions you see
      with a new article.

      * Check the news. Being on top of the industry news will help
      you be able to write related articles as the news events take
      place. This can also be a great way to grab expanded exposure. By
      piggy backing off the hot topic you can grab way more readers
      then you would with a normal topic. And not just the big news
      stations either. Some of the smaller more local stations may have
      topics not covered by the larger ones and can be a potential
      goldmine for ideas.

      * Set up a Google alert for your topic. This way you'll be
      emailed how ever frequently you choose, with up to date blogs and
      posts and new stories related to your topic that you can get and
      gain ideas from.

      * Spend 30 minutes brainstorming. Do not allow yourself to focus
      on anything but your topic. This will get easier the more times
      you do it. It can be difficult the first few times to get your
      mind to actually produce something, but once you've done it a
      few times your mind will know you mean business and will help you
      populate ideas quite quickly.

      * Use Google's wonder wheel for ideas. Instead of using it to
      get keywords, use it to help you get some ideas as to what to
      write about.

      * Create a mind map about your topic. And then each and every
      sub-topic that you come up with, until you have multiple mini
      mind maps and plenty of ideas to source article topics from.

      * If you're really stuck, check out the competition. Seeing
      what they are writing about may give you ideas of what to write

      * Re-purpose old articles. But, not by rewriting them. Instead
      approach the same topic from another angle. If your topic was say
      5 tips to succeed in article writing, a new approach would be 5
      things to avoid in article writing, or 5 tips to improve, or a
      better way to do it. Just using the same general idea, and giving
      it life in a new way can be the perfect method to get unstuck.

      * Check out the bookstore or the library. The ones that have
      real books. Look at some of the ones related to your niche and
      see if you can't gain some writing ideas from them.

      * Go to e-book sites as well. Do the same thing as you did with
      Amazon and the library. Look for titles in your niche, and use
      those to help you get new creative ideas to write about.

      * Use seasonal events to your advantage. Instead of just writing
      about autism, write about how to help autistic children cope with
      Christmas, or other such seasonal event related topics.

      * Carry a notebook with you. Ever feel like you've got the
      perfect idea but are not at home and able to write the article
      right away. Carry around a notebook so that when the idea strikes
      you can jot it down before you forget it again.

      * Get away from the computer for a bit. Real life and real life
      situations may give you ideas you never would have come up with
      by simply sitting in front of your monitor. Use real life
      experiences and events to create ideas and creativity for your

      * Talk to industry leaders. Just a quick Q and A with someone in
      the industry may prompt ideas you would have never thought of

      * Read. By reading what others have wrote on the topic you may
      be able to come up with ideas of your own, or a new twist on an
      old idea. The best writers and the most avid of readers.

      * Along the same lines as reading, read articles in some of your
      favorite authority blogs and websites. One of my favorite blogs
      is Mashable.com. They may bring to mind a thought or idea you may
      not have thought of otherwise.

      * Join a mastermind group. Being able to float ideas around with
      others and discuss your topic can help breathe new life into a
      topic you found going stale. And, it is a great way to set up
      potential cross promotions with others in your niche for the

      * Use your imagination. Put yourself into the mind of your
      target audience, and figure out questions and topics that may be
      important to them and write about them. Just a little bit of
      imagination and role playing can lead to many new ideas.

      * Watch movies or television shows related to your niche. They
      may cover topics or ideas you may not have previously covered or
      thought about.

      * Think about your own personal experiences. There may be things
      within them that you can revisit and create topics about, with a
      good solid base of reality to make for a more interesting and
      informative article.

      Hopefully these ideas will help you come up with and create your
      own ideas and topics to write about. Ideas are limitless, you
      just need to develop the skills to mine the topics and ideas out
      of the things around you. The more you write and the more you
      strive to generate ideas, the more ideas you'll eventually come
      up with.

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