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Top Secret Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

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  • Mike Stephen
    Mike Stephen offers the following royalty-free article for you to publish online or in print. Feel free to use this article in your newsletter, website, ezine,
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      Mike Stephen offers the following royalty-free article for you to publish online or in print.
      Feel free to use this article in your newsletter, website, ezine, blog, or forum.
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      Article Title: Top Secret Affiliate Marketing for Dummies
      Author: Mike Stephen
      Category: Affiliate Programs, Article Marketing, Click Bank
      Word Count: 499
      Keywords: Affiliate marketing for dummies,top secret affiliate marketing program,affiliate marketing
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      ------------------ ARTICLE START ------------------

      Affiliate marketing for dummies is synonymous to customer referrals to a merchant websites and the reseller is paid a commission in return for any sales or subscription that the customer makes along the line.

      The commission will only be paid for every referral that is converted into a customer, otherwise known as pay per conversion or pay for performance. Though some others will pay per lead irrespective of the fact whether a sales is made or not, which may be part of the merchant customer acquisition plan because they can market to the customer forever until he opts out of their list.

      In a basic scheme of affiliate marketing, a consumer visits a merchant website through a third party link on a website/article. When the customer makes a purchase, the reseller automatically earns a predetermined referral fee of 50% or more of the sales value depending on the structure of the arrangement.

      However, you have to come to terms that being part of the arrangement which I have described is akin to working as an independent sales force working solely for commission and also liable for the total risk connected with the marketing a retailers product.

      The main thrust of affiliate marketing for dummies is that it is possible to start making money without having to spend any money upfront. The asset that you already have will carry you through the process, which is the ability to be able to write an article. And guess what, you can engage the service of a professional to write for you at a cost that is next to nothing. There are numerous article websites like ezineArticles.com, hubpages.com, squidoo.com etc.

      Another revelation is that you don't require a website for these sought of activity. Even if you already own a website, the products can be sold as a backend product to customers on your list as a new offering.

      And every product on the market today has an affiliate program due to the fact that product merchants realise the importance of using resellers as a way of generating massive traffic and earning additional income in the process. Many big online retailers like Amazon and Ebay have their own affiliate programs. Although their commissions are small but the brand name will facilitate quick sales easily.

      More so, Affiliate marketing for dummies entails that whatever niches that you are interested in, you can always find an third party product to promote and earn money from.
      A good place to find these kinds product to promote is clickbank, commission junction and a host of others.

      In conclusion, selling other peoples product is a numbers game, here is how we crunch the numbers. The first assumption will be that, if you write one article every day, in one month, you should have turned out 30 articles promoting one affiliate product that earns an average of $10 in commissions, that's only $300 in one month. There are possibilities that you could even earn more per article and a lot more commission per affiliate product that you promote.

      Mike Stephen is an entrepreneur, an expert in born global business, otherwise known as e-commerce business and a coach on business technology solutions. businesses. Learn how to join the league of successful affiliates at http://www.theafiliatecode.info/ for a firsthand experience.
      ------------------ ARTICLE END ------------------

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