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Find Out How Publishing Articles Helps Increase Profits

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  • Mike Lawson
    Mike Lawson offers the following royalty-free article for you to publish online or in print. Feel free to use this article in your newsletter, website, ezine,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2010
      Mike Lawson offers the following royalty-free article for you to publish online or in print.
      Feel free to use this article in your newsletter, website, ezine, blog, or forum.
      - You have permission to publish this article for free providing the "About the Author" box is included in its entirety.
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      Article Title: Find Out How Publishing Articles Helps Increase Profits
      Author: Mike Lawson
      Category: Article Marketing
      Word Count: 556
      Keywords: submit articles, publishing articles
      Author's Email Address: wmlawsonky@...
      Article Source: http://www.contentcrooner.com
      ------------------ ARTICLE START ------------------

      Publishing articles is the most cost efficient ways to promote your business online. That's quite a bold statement. How can it help to simply submit articles to a publisher? Keep reading and find out.

      No business can survive without a marketing strategy. This is true even for online businesses. One of the most successful ways to promote a business online is via article distribution. Done right, businesses can see a major increase in interest and potential sales when they employ a good article marketing strategy.

      What is Article Marketing and Distribution?

      Article marketing refers to the process of writing short articles that contain relevant keywords related to the business being promoted online. These are then posted on article directories where they can be used for others. Some popular directories for publishing articles are:


      Well-written and relevant articles will be reached by a large readership. One promotion benefit of this is that other sites may well link to what you have written. This happens in many ways, for example, a graphic designer may have written about making captions and pictures on a website SEO friendly. A link to this article may be used by a blogger for an SEO company.

      Tips on Promoting Online via Article Distribution

      To succeed at article marketing and distribution there are some things that must be kept in mind. These include:

      Original Content: Write useful pieces, but try to target a particular niche. These pieces should ideally be about the same thing, but more importantly they should provide information. Make sure to include keywords relevant to your business.

      Choose Topics Wisely: Use topics that make readers want to read what you have to say. Catchy, interesting headlines are important in the promotion process; after all, it is the first thing potential clients will see.

      Keep it Short and Sweet: Online readers have limited time so do not write long, hard to read pieces. Use bullets points and short sentences for maximum effect.

      Blog: Create a blog that is connected to your website and post your blog entries there, or place articles on your own website. Quality content attracts readers, readers become customers.

      Publish often: The more quality articles you have published online the better. This will increase the amount of traffic your website will get and the likelihood that you will be found by search engines.

      Reputation: Build your reputation in the industry or area where your offer your services. One great way to do so is to write an eBook on the topic. This can be as simple as using your already published pieces.

      Bylines and Author Resource: Make sure to use bylines where allowed when posting or commenting in forums. Place your URL in the author's box on distribution sites.

      Employing a great marketing strategy will help promote any business online, not just Internet-based entities. In addition, it doesn't matter the size of the business, it can benefit from this type of promotion. Promoting a business online takes time to get it done right and achieve results, but it is worth it to achieve success.

      Submit Articles

      Make a plan that includes what you want to achieve and how you intend to do it. Once you have that done, start writing and submit articles to publishers. Publishing articles is what a publisher does best. It takes time to start seeing results from your article marketing strategy, but do not give up, success will happen in time.

      Mike Lawson is a freelance consultant to internet marketers. His professional writing service provides quality content for article marketing automation programs. http://www.contentcrooner.com/article_marketing.php
      Need Content? http://contentcrooner.com/writingservice.php

      Distributed by http://www.ContentCrooner.com
      ------------------ ARTICLE END ------------------

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