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3 Reasons Why You Must Plan Your Retirement Today

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  • Derek Rogers
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      Article Title: 3 Reasons Why You Must Plan Your Retirement
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      This might shock you as much as it did me but statistics show
      that the average American is saving up a "staggering" $392 per
      year. Three hundred and ninety two dollars per year or only
      about one dollar per day. You don't have to be a math genius to
      see that only saving $392 on average will definitely bring some
      financial difficulties further down the road when people are
      getting closer to their retirement age. I can only imagine how
      desperate you must feel when you realize that you have
      absolutely no money to show after working an entire life and
      that the rest of your life where you'll have all the time in the
      world to enjoy your hobbies and passions will instead be used on
      turning every cent because there are literally no

      Reason number 1:
      The average American household makes
      about $50,000 per year and even though that is a decent amount
      you will still have to put a fair chunk of it aside if you want
      to be absolutely certain that you will have enough money to not
      only just get by but also be able to enjoy your life when

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      About The Author: For more information on retiring rich and to
      learn more about the strategies you can use to increase your
      chances of an early retirement as well as a financially secure
      retirement come visit our site at
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