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How To Write A Press Release

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  • Elizabeth Murphy
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      Article Title: How To Write A Press Release
      Author: Elizabeth Murphy
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      Press releases are a great way to draw extra attention to your
      business and create a bit of a buzz around new events and
      products. However, if poorly written, your press release will
      never be picked up by the media and your great news, even if
      newsworthy, won't see the light of day. Here's how to write a
      press release that will have the media begging for more.

      Give It an Angle

      Your press release needs to have an angle built in so that it
      is easy for an editor to turn it into a front page story if
      necessary. Write your press release as if it were an article and
      you have a very good chance of it being picked up. Editors love
      it when they don't have to work too hard.

      For your press release to garner favor, it's a good idea to
      turn it into a story that people will be interested in reading.
      For example, no one will care that you just got new carpet in
      your office, but what can create a newsworthy release is the
      fact that the new carpet is made from recycled plastic and marks
      the beginning of a green era for your business.

      Make It Snappy

      A press release is not a college essay and it shouldn't read
      like one. Write it like a magazine article. A good tip is to
      take a look at the publication you want to get into and write
      the press release to fit that style. This gives you an added
      advantage . . . the reporter won't have to struggle to make your
      article fit into the magazine. To keep your press release
      interesting and fun to read, make sure you write actively. That
      means using active instead of passive verbs and making the
      action leap out to the readers.

      For example, rather than say; "The new carpet was installed",
      write "We lay the carpet ourselves to save money" or something
      similar, using an active voice. Also, you will want to keep the
      press release fairly short. Most editors don't have time to be
      reading fifty pages on how your business is coming out with a
      new product.

      Split It Up

      Using subtitles and bullet points is an excellent way to make
      your press release easier to read. To do this easily, write down
      all the information you want conveyed, in a magazine style, then
      go back and divide the report into sections. Label each one with
      a short subtitle. Extra ideas or resources can be listed with
      bullet points.

      Using bold or italics for some important points will help them
      stand out as well and can be a good way to get busy editors to
      check out your report. They will be able to simply scan it and
      get an idea as to what your press release is about, making it
      easy to decide whether or not to use it.

      Headlines Count

      The title you give your press release could mean the difference
      between it getting read or just tossed in the junk pile. You
      want a title that isn't too long, but catches people's
      attention. Again, a quick look at the publication you want to
      get into can be a very helpful way to figure out what they are
      looking for. In general, stick to active verbs and get straight
      to the point. A vague, wishy washy headline isn't going to win
      you any points!

      Short, newspaper type headlines are almost always good. The
      editor may change it, but chances are, if you offer something
      usable your press release will get used pretty much as is.

      Writing a press release is fairly simple. Make it newsworthy
      and interesting to read as well as nice and easy and you'll have
      a very good chance of it getting featured.

      About The Author: Make your
      http://www.polarisprinc.com/index.html public relations efforts
      stand out by submitting a well-written press release to the
      right media.

      Please use the HTML version of this article at:
      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

      For more free-reprint articles by Elizabeth Murphy please
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