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Mobile Ringtone Industry – The Gizmos Of Desire Today!

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  • Grigoriy Anoshenko
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      Article Title: Mobile Ringtone Industry – The Gizmos Of
      Desire Today!
      Author: Grigoriy Anoshenko
      Word Count: 511
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      The mobile ringtones are creating mammoth revolution in the
      market, surpassing the music industry alone. The market for mp3
      ringtones is globally expected to rise around USD 5.2 billion
      annually. Consumers worldwide are seeking towards digital
      entertainment on their mobile handsets. While the mobile music
      is on its peak, the growth of the music industry is unparalleled
      with new high end mechanisms and ritzier models getting launched
      on a regular basis.

      The youth today is getting more fascinated by mobile music,
      ringtones as well as downloads. Teenagers aged between 12 to 25
      years of age, who are obsessed with mp3 ringtones, are leading
      the industry earn greater amount of profits than ever before.
      More than half of the mp3 ringtones downloading is greatly
      contributed by the Hip Hop fraternity alone. Polyphonic
      ringtones can now be availed in different genres owing to the
      growing demand of consumers; Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Bollywood,
      to name a few.

      Ringtones were initially invented to serve as an alert for the
      mobile phone user to his incoming calls. Later when the rime
      progressed, these little odes have turned out to be more
      elaborative in the consumer market place. The technological
      advancements now allow the use of real music within mobile
      phones for ringtone purposes. The music entertainment industry
      is now not just limited to generating small ringtones for its
      consumers that the latter can now also use ones personal
      favorite music as ringtones. This has also given the music
      industry new commercial opportunities to expand its base.

      Many a times, music and ringtone are interchangeably used with
      other. There has also been a sturdy increase witnessed in the
      sales of downloaded music over the recent past. The digital
      revolution enables consumers to download their favorite songs
      and set them as their mp3 ringtones, a major disappointment to
      the ringtone industry. This tightens the competitiveness between
      the two otherwise growing industries.

      As per trade analysts, the Indian film industry (Bollywood)
      alone generated about USD 1 billion from ringtones downloads
      amounting to 1 million on an annual basis. The digital
      revolution has also brought in a cliché demand for ringtones
      through technologies like iPods, which can hold better amount of
      ringtones, longer tunes and DVD clarity. Many global companies
      such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung are also
      introducing handsets that feature FM radios, MP3 players and a
      good memory space to be more appealing to the consumers. While
      all this is putting the music industry at a loss, it is charging
      the consumer an expensive CD before he opts for a cheaper mp3
      ringtone. Not just that, the music industry is also witnessing
      things done against the law, such as transfer of music via
      Bluetooth has reached thrice the amount mentioned in the law.

      Globally, it is uncertain if the diminishing, conventional
      music distribution will be able to stay in this rapidly-moving
      digital world, growing by more than 50 percent annually, for a
      longer period. Sooner the music companies may acquire artists
      and film soundtracks for mobile downloads on 3G networks.

      About The Author: To find out more and download free ringtones
      please visit http://www.freeringtones4all.net,
      http://www.milesringtones.com and

      Please use the HTML version of this article at:
      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

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