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Mobility Scooters

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  • Pete Marks
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      Mobility scooters, there are so many brands and models to chose
      from that researching and reading reviews can be confusing. An
      electric scooter can offer you freedom and pride without having
      to relie on help with others. Mobility scooters come in many
      capacities, colors or styles such as 3 wheel or 4 wheel. It
      pays to do your research and review you options before making
      that purchase.

      Many lightweight mobility scooters have a capacity of 250
      pounds. Some of your lightweight scooters can be folded or
      collapsed to be put in a trunk or car. Many other higher
      capacity scooters may requires a lift. In many cases the scooter
      may be covered by insurance but the lift may not. Again always
      check with your insurer before making that purchase.

      Many lightweight models are of 3 wheel design. These models
      are usually more maneuverable and are great around the house or
      in tight areas. 4 wheel models are usually of more rugged
      design and have a higher capacity and are less prone to tipping.
      They also are more likely to have a further range but don't
      forget that range is dependent on several factors. These
      factors are, weight capacity, battery capacity, age of battery
      and temperature.

      Also consider range and charging if you have a short range you
      will be spending more time charging. At some point you may need
      to replace batteries. Over time a rechargeable battery will
      lose its ability to take a full charge and your range could

      With range on the 3 wheel lightweight mobility scooters you can
      expect about 10 mile range. On 4 wheel higher capacity models
      you may be looking at a range of about 25 miles or more. It all
      depends on the brand and model.

      When purchasing a mobility scooter you have to ask yourself
      what you will be using it for. Is it for indoor or outdoor use.
      Will you be using it primarily indoors, to get around the golf
      course or make trips down to the local grocery store to pick up
      groceries. If you are picking up several bags of groceries you
      may need one with further range and capacity and this would
      apply to golf and because of the weight of the bag and clubs.
      Depending on your lifestyle you may require more than one
      mobility scooter.

      Tires are another consideration, pneumatic tires may be prone
      to punctures but are lighter than solid core tires and have more
      shock absorbency. The solid core tires are heavier and do not
      have the shock adsorbing ability of air filled tires and may
      give a stiffer ride but newer electric mobility scooters may
      have suspensions that compensate and alleviate the knocks and
      bumps of uneven surfaces. Pneumatic tires will need to be
      checked more often for the correct air pressure. Regardless at
      some point depending on how often you travel or use your scooter
      you will probably need to change tires and of course this will
      be determined also on the type of surfaces you travel on.

      There are many things to consider when you buy a scooter for
      mobility. Always check with Medicare or your medical insurance
      to make sure your purchase is covered. Just make sure you have
      reviewed all your options and done your research before making
      that purchase.

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