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Vinyl Banner Design Tips

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  • Rick Hendershot
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2005
      Please consider this free-reprint article written by:
      Rick Hendershot

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      Article Title: Vinyl Banner Design Tips
      Author: Rick Hendershot
      Word Count: 363
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      Vinyl banner design is about as easy as it gets for the
      non-professional graphic designer. Generally speaking, a vinyl
      banner is easy to design, and anybody with a little bit of
      graphic design experience can do it.

      Even if you have no experience, your supplier can point you in
      the right direction, or even design your banner for a small

      Here are some things to watch for when designing a vinyl

      1. Use a software that handles CMYK full color output. There
      are at least three kinds of software you can use:

      - Image editors like Photoshop, PhotoPaint, or PhotoImpact

      - Page Layout programs like Quarkxpress, Pagemaker, or InDesign

      - Illustration programs like Illustrator or CorelDraw

      Generally speaking, programs that are designed for consumers or
      general office applications are not recommended: e.g., Word,
      Wordperfect, Publisher, Excel, etc. If you have a specific
      inquiry, don't hesitate to ask your vinyl banner supplier. A
      good source of information is the contact person at your
      supplier (see below).

      2. The best designs contain two or three basic elements.
      Usually, these will be a photograph, a large headline, and an
      "identifier" such as your company name, logo, or phone number.

      3. Use bright colors. The most striking vinyl banners have lots
      of bright colors.

      4. Design your vinyl banner so it is readable for your target
      audience. If it is going to be placed on a building or beside a
      road on a fence, or on an outfield fence at a baseball or soccer
      field, make sure your most important message is easy to read.

      5. Make sure your images have sufficient resolution. For some
      advice on image resolution, see the FAQ link below.

      6. Make sure your vinyl banner fits the area where you're going
      to mount it. Don't guess the size. Most people who are not
      familiar with signage will UNDERESTIMATE the required size.

      7. Consider alternative methods of mounting your vinyl banner.
      Grommets are the default method of mounting a banner on a wall
      or fence. But often "pole pockets" are simpler and more

      About The Author: Rick Hendershot is a writer and founder
      Linknet Promotions - http://www.linknet-promotions.com Vinyl
      banners supplier ==> http://www.america-banners.com Vinyl
      Banner FAQ ==> http://www.america-banners.com/faq.html
      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

      For more free-reprint articles by Rick Hendershot please visit:
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