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There Is No Such Thing As A Guaranteed Search Engine Ranking

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  • Jeff McRitchie
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      Article Title: There Is No Such Thing As A Guaranteed Search
      Engine Ranking
      Author: Jeff McRitchie
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      After spending the better part of everyday working on
      optimizing my website, adding content, building links and trying
      to please the search engines, it makes me mad to check my email
      and see another company offering guaranteed rankings. These
      emails often claim that for a certain amount of money they will
      get your site to rank number one for the keywords of your
      choice. Just give them a pile of cash and a few months and they
      will get you that #1 ranking no matter how competitive your
      field. Here four reasons why no one can guarantee rankings with
      the search engines...

      1. No company can guarantee anything from the search engines
      except the search engines themselves. There are certainly
      things that you can do to help your site in the eyes of the
      search engines. However, at the end of the day there are
      hundreds of factors that influence your ranking with the search
      engines. No company can control all of these factors.

      2. Search engine optimization (SEO for short) can be a long and
      grueling process. Sometimes you can see results very quickly.
      However, more often than not the results take months to show up.
      This is especially true for markets or keywords that are highly
      competitive. There are companies out there that spend millions
      of marketing dollars each year trying to get rankings for
      certain highly competitive keywords. There is no way that
      paying a company a few thousand dollars will guarantee that you
      will rank higher than the big boys.

      3. Search engine rankings are based on algorithms that take
      into account a whole bunch of factors including: inbound links,
      page content, meta content and the age of the page in question.
      There are ways to subvert some of these factors and trick the
      search engines. However, tricking Google and trying to
      manipulate search results is a very bad idea. If and when the
      search engines discover your sites deception it is quite likely
      that your site will be removed from the index. Being removed
      from the index means that all of your rankings and probably most
      of your traffic will disappear. Before you try tricking the
      search engines you need to make sure that you consider the
      potential consequences of your actions. Can you really afford
      to get your site banned from Google?

      4. Anyone who does search engine optimization on a regular
      basis should know all of this. Companies who try to tell you
      that they can guarantee your results either don't know what they
      are doing or they are simply lying to you in order to steal your
      money. Either way, they aren't the people that you want to
      trust your business to.

      If you need help getting rankings in the search engines, there
      are lots of reputable search engine optimization companies that
      are out there. However, you need to make sure that they are up
      front and realistic with you about the potential for results as
      well as their methods. In the world of SEO rankings are never
      guaranteed but hard work usually pays off.

      About The Author: Jeff McRitchie is the designer and Director
      of Marketing for http://www.MyBinding.com He has written over
      100 articles on binding machines,binders,binding supplies,
      binding covers,and more.

      Please use the HTML version of this article at:
      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

      For more free-reprint articles by Jeff McRitchie please visit:
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