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What To Do If You Get A Pouch Stuck In Your Laminator

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  • Jeff McRitchie
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      Pouch laminators are great. You can set one on your desk and
      can instantly laminate all sorts of documents, id cards, name
      badges and signs. However, if you have ever had a pouch get
      jammed inside of your laminator you know just how frustrating it
      can be. Even more frustrating is the fact that you can easily
      ruin your laminator and might need to buy a new one. Here are
      some quick tips for dealing with a pouch jam when using a pouch

      1. The first thing to do if you end up getting a pouch stuck
      in your laminator is to STOP the machine. Turn off the switch
      and unplug the machine before the jammed pouch has a chance to
      do more damage. Unfortunately, a jammed pouch has the potential
      to quickly burn out the motor on your laminator. By turning off
      the laminator you can prevent this from happening.

      2. After you have turned off the laminator you can assess
      the damage and try to determine what the problem is. Some pouch
      jams are caused by users attempting to laminate items that are
      too thick for the laminator to handle. Pouch laminators should
      not be used to laminate 3D objects, sticks, leaves, branches,
      wood or other thick materials. When a laminator tries to pull
      these thick object through the motor may not be strong enough or
      the rollers may not be flexible enough. If you catch this
      problem in time you can simply turn your laminator back on and
      put it in reverse. Gently pull on the carrier while the
      laminator is in reverse and see if it will come out.

      3. If the item that you are trying to laminate is not too
      thick it is possible that the laminating pouch has begun to curl
      inside the machine. Even if your laminator says that it does
      not require a carrier, you should always use a carrier when
      operating a pouch laminator. A carrier will prevent glue from
      squeezing out the sides of the laminating pouch onto the
      rollers. It will also keep the pouches from curling up and
      wrapping around the rollers. Again, the best method for trying
      to get a pouch out if it is beginning to wrap around the rollers
      is to turn the laminator back on, put it in reverse and gently
      attempt to pull it back out the feed slot.

      4. If either of the last two methods works to get the pouch
      out of the laminator you might need to resort to more drastic
      methods. Some pouch laminators have hinges on the side of them
      that allow you to open them up to deal with pouch jams (just
      like a laser printer or copier). If your laminator has these
      then you can try opening the laminator up to see if you can
      further assess the damage. Just remember to unplug the machine
      and let it cool down before you open it otherwise you can burn
      yourself or potentially shock yourself.

      5. If your laminator does not have hinges to open it up, it
      might have a pouch jam lever. This will effectively separate
      the laminating rollers slightly while you pull out the jammed
      pouch. You can try this and see if you are able to dislodge the
      pouch that way.

      6. Finally, the last resort would be to open your laminator.
      Unless you know quite a bit about electronics and are confident
      working on electronic equipment I would not suggest this.
      However, some users have been able to open the laminator up and
      clean the rollers or dislodge a pouch. If you are not
      comfortable with this it might be possible for a service
      technician to do it for you. However, on smaller laminators it
      is often cheaper to buy a new laminator than it is to attempt to
      repair the old one.

      If you do get a laminating pouch stuck in your laminator these
      are a few things that you can try. However, in order to keep
      this type of thing from happening in the future it is important
      to remember to always use a pouch carrier and to never try and
      laminate anything other than paper using your pouch laminator.

      About The Author: Jeff McRitchie is the designer and Director
      of Marketing for http://www.MyBinding.com He has written over
      100 articles on binding machines,binders,binding supplies,
      binding covers,and more.

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