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Issue #5 - Amy Ray, Grassroots Feminism, Ovum Donation

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    Just $4 gets you... Interviews with: * Amy Ray, of Indigo Girls fame * Jennifer Baumgardner & Amy Richards, co-authors of Manifesta and Grassroots * Hassan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2005
      Just $4 gets you...
      Interviews with:
      * Amy Ray, of Indigo Girls fame
      * Jennifer Baumgardner & Amy Richards, co-authors of "Manifesta"
      and "Grassroots"
      * Hassan Zee, director of Night of Henna
      * Haven Coalition

      * An Activist In Diapers: A Mother's First Protest with Her Daughter
      by Jessica DeBalzo
      * The Graying of Gay America
      by Nina Braten
      * Ovum: Tales of Egg Donation
      by Sunny Daly
      * Just a john? Pornography and Men's Choices
      by Robert Jensen
      * Art as an Antidote to War
      by Leslie Donado
      * Feminism and Gender Binaries
      by Stephanie Basile
      * Fishing: The New Resource Way
      by Robert Ovetz
      * First Comes Love... But What If I Don't Want Marriage?
      by Sarah Herrington
      * The Global Local: Migrant Identity and Struggles in Aotearoa/ New
      Zealand by Shasha Pinkit
      and more!

      Send cash, check or money order made out to "Mandy Van Deven" to:
      Altar Magazine
      955 Metropolitan Avenue
      Suite 4R
      Brooklyn NY 11211

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      are on our readers. Your work is important, and we want to publish
      it. We welcome people from all over the world to be a part of this
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      www.AltarMagazine.com. Email info@altarmagazine after reading the
      guidelines if you have any questions. We hope you will be a part of
      Altar Magazine.

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      If you're interested in being a part of Altar Magazine, especially
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      few good media folks to share in the delight of creating a magazine
      and to spread the word about us by spreading flyers all over your
      town. We are always looking for people with or without experience to
      help in areas of proofreading, distribution, event planning,
      reviewer and other positions.
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