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  • gumbycascadia
    [For extremely reasonable, high-quality printing services, check out Eberhardt Press at http://www.eberhardtpress.org . Also included below is a list of titles
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      [For extremely reasonable, high-quality printing services, check out
      Eberhardt Press at http://www.eberhardtpress.org . Also included
      below is a list of titles they distribute.... these folks do so much
      to help underground publishers and grassroots organiziations, I
      thought I'd do a little promo for them.... ]

      Eberhardt Press supports its publishing efforts by providing printing
      and bindery services to comrades and fellow publishers throughout the
      world. Our rates are just slightly above the cost of production,
      bringing high-quality, low-cost printing services within budget range
      of underground publishers. If you want to get your zines, flyers,
      pamphlets or books printed inexpensively without sacrificing quality,
      get in touch.
      For an estimate, email printing@...
      <mailto:printing@...>, call 877-675-5378 or write 3527
      NE 15th #127, Portland, OR 97212. Printing samples and references

      BOOKS from Eberhardt Press

      Fire to the Powder Keg:
      War and Social Guerrilla Struggle in Iraq
      Translated by Wolfi Landstreicher
      Fire to the Powder Keg investigates the social nature of the
      guerrilla struggle against the forces of Western capital and against
      the tragic conditions imposed on the Iraqi population through years
      of bombings, embargoes and repression. Fire to the Powder Keg
      challenges its readers to demonstrate that they are not allies of
      their masters, but rather accomplices of their Iraqi brothers and
      sisters who have not been crushed by the indiscriminate, terroristic
      violence of the invasion and occupation of their home. Now more than
      ever, the dimensions of social revolution are global.
      116 pages, softcover
      $6.00 ppd.

      One Woman's Fight to Die Her Own Way
      by Andréa Dorea
      Andréa (N'Dréa) was involved with Os Cangaceiros, a group of social
      rebels who refused the slavery of work and mercilessly attacked the
      prison system of France in the 1980s and '90s. In 1985, she learned
      that she had cancer. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
      treatment, she walked out of the medical world for good. N'Dréa
      explains that decision with intelligence, anger and joy. It is a
      powerful condemnation of the medical industry, a passionate analysis
      of the society of the commodity and its destruction of the human
      individual, and a personal expression of one woman's decision to live
      her life fully and to die on her own terms among those she loved, in
      defiance of a society that steals both our lives and deaths away.
      84 pages, softcover
      $5.00 ppd.

      Suffled How It Gush
      by Shon Meckfessel
      An anarchist's travels in the Balkans, visiting squats, hanging out
      at punk shows and discovering clues to the recent period of rampant
      violence and genocide that left deep scars throughout the land and
      the people -- Serb, Croat and Muslim alike -- that are still healing.
      A fascinating, informative tour of the Balkans in the aftermath of
      ethnic nationalist conflict.
      240 pages, softcover
      Release date: June 15, 2005

      PAMPHLETS from Eberhardt Press

      Eberhardt Press Review
      Spring 2005
      An anarchist review of contemporary non-fiction and literature.
      Eberhardt Press Review hopes to be a reminder that outside the
      culture of economy, there exist a few ragtag, free thinkers who
      desire to create meaning in a postmodern world where genuine human
      connections are so undermined. Featuring tintype photographs by Naomi
      20 pages, magazine format
      $1.00 ppd.
      (available in free pdf download on the website)

      Progress and Nuclear Power
      by Fredy Perlman
      Perlman's essay links the genocidal expansion of Western civilization
      across North America with technological expansion, leading to the
      advent of nuclear holocaust. This Eberhardt Press edition is offset
      printed & hand bound.
      16 pages
      $2.00 ppd.

      OTHER TITLES from Eberhardt Press

      Moon Phase Calendar 2005
      For moon watching, gardening and staying in touch with the cycles of
      the night sky. Printed on heavy brown 11"x17" recycled paper.
      $3.00 ppd.

      US Off the Planet:
      An Evening With Ward Churchill and Chellis Glendinning
      Produced by pickAxe & Cascadia Media Collective
      An inspiring meeting of revolutionary minds. Ward and Chellis came
      together in Eugene, Oregon, on June 17, 2001, where they spoke on the
      anniversary of two local anarchist rebellions. With an introduction
      by John Zerzan.
      DVD $20.00 ppd.
      VHS Tape $15.00 ppd.
      Audio CD $10.00 ppd.

      Splitting the Sky:
      A Lifetime of Resistance
      From a background of orphanages and boarding schools, Dacajeweiah
      (Splitting the Sky) emerged as a principal participant in the Attica
      rebellion at the age of nineteen, and later became active with the
      American Indian Movement. He has engaged in numerous armed standoffs
      with Canadian and US authorities. In this audio document, recorded
      live in Portland, Oregon, Splitting the Sky recounts his experiences
      and calls for uncompromising resistance to the death culture.
      Audio CD $10.00 ppd.

      Communicating Vessels #15
      A wonderful journal of dissident thought and literature reviews.
      Printed in solidarity by Eberhardt Press.
      48 pages
      $3.00 ppd.

      The titles offered here are offset printed editions.

      Willful Disobedience
      Fall 2004 (Vol. 5, No. 2)
      Hot off the press, the new issue of this long-running publication
      contains a "self-interview" with Italian anarchists Los Amigos de
      Ludd; an essay on the recent Beslan Tragedy in Russia; an article on
      dispossession, exclusion and urbanization; and a stirring call for
      radicals to make a "revolutionary wager."
      36 pages
      $3.00 ppd.

      Endless War
      Anarchist Antimilitarism and the "War on Terrorism"
      A collection of texts written after September 11, 2001. Articles
      include "Beyond Selective Service," "Cybernetic Warfare," "Towards
      the Total Criminalization of Revolt," "When Peace is War," "The
      Weakness of our Rulers" and "Endless War."
      48 pages
      $3.00 ppd.

      Policing the Global State
      A detailed essay on the relationship between current military
      operations, crowd control techniques, the technologies of
      surveillance and control, and their increasing intrusion into our
      daily lives.
      20 pages
      $2.00 ppd.

      The Marini Trial
      Italian Repression of Anarchists and Anarchist Responses
      An in-depth examination of the persecution of anarchists in Italy by
      prosecutor Antonio Marini through a ten-year investigation that put
      Alfredo Bonanno and other comrades behind bars. "Revolutionary
      solidarity is not a matter of defense, but of attack."
      42 pages
      $3.00 ppd.

      Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention
      A Tension in Practice
      Any potential liberatory struggle among the exploited and
      dispossessed must be based on autonomous self-organization. This
      pamphlet includes contemporary case studies of Spain, Sicily,
      Albania, Bolivia, Algeria, Argentina and Italy, with analysis of the
      situation in the U.S.
      36 pages
      $3.00 ppd.

      All prices include shipping.
      To order by mail, send a check, money order or carefully concealed
      cash to:
      Eberhardt Press, 3527 NE 15th #127, Portland, OR 97212
      Questions? email orders@...
      <mailto:orders@...> or call 877-675-5378
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