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Five Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Achieve Your Goals Today

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  • Debra B. Taylor
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006

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      Article Title: Five Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Achieve
      Your Goals Today
      Author: Debra B. Taylor
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      The two rules of procrastination: 1) Do it today. 2) Tomorrow
      will be today tomorrow. Vincent T. Foss

      Susan Daley was a successful entrepreneur selling promotional
      products. She enjoyed making decent money while having the
      flexibility to work at home. Susan recently took over a
      colleague�s account, a huge growth opportunity. So why did she
      spend her mornings playing solitaire in her messy office rather
      than making phone calls to prospects?

      To procrastinate is �to put off doing something�, or �to
      postpone or delay needlessly�. Sometimes we avoid doing the
      tasks that must be done because they are unpleasant or boring,
      or because we have poor time management skills or are lazy. And
      yet, often it is the tasks we most want to do that we put off,
      resulting in much internal pressure.

      In Susan�s case, she loved building relationships with
      potential clients, helping them to better serve their customers
      and employees, and making a good paycheck to support her family.

      So what was going on?

      Awareness is the first step. Think about your excuses for not
      accomplishing your goals. Everyone has his or her own pattern
      of procrastinating. Here are eight examples:

      - Fear of change, rejection or failure
      - Need to be perfect (I can�t do it perfectly so I won�t start)

      - Lack of time
      - Too much stress, pressure or anxiety which leads to paralysis

      - Overwhelm on how to start (task is too big, don�t know how to
      do it, etc.)
      - Self-doubt or lack of confidence
      - Disorganization, indecision
      - Other priorities, big (work/family crisis) and little (need
      to check email first!)

      Do these excuses sound reasonable and logical? That�s often the
      case. The problem is that if you buy into the excuses, you don�t
      follow-through on the steps needed to achieve your goals.
      Procrastination can feel good in the moment, but then creates
      stress. This becomes a vicious cycle.

      Overcoming Procrastination

      The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Walt

      Getting into action alleviates the stress of procrastination
      almost instantaneously.

      Here are the five simple steps:

      1. Identify the task to be done
      2. Identify the first or next step to accomplish the task
      3. Commit to a time when you will begin the first step
      4. Be aware of your pattern of excuses
      5. BUT begin the first step in collaboration with the excuses

      Susan outlined the steps needed to organize her files and her
      office to have ready access to client information. She set
      daily and weekly goals for contacting prospects and clients.
      Working with a coach provided the structure and accountability
      to stay in action on these tasks. She developed strategies to
      counteract the fear of rejection that was fueling some of the

      Don�t worry about eliminating all the excuses, or analyzing too
      much why you are procrastinating. Getting into action actually
      reduces the grip of the inertia and overwhelm of
      procrastination. As Susan found, it can be helpful to have
      partners and strategies to keep the excuses at bay.

      You�ll feel more confident and relaxed as you experience the
      success of reaching your goals. You gain momentum and if you
      begin the task again and again, you WILL ultimately achieve it.

      About The Author: Debra Taylor is principal of Discover Your
      Light (http://www.discoveryourlight.com)and a career and life
      coach. She works with professionals, small business owners, and
      career changers to stop procrastinating and take charge of
      creating fulfilling and successful careers while enjoying their
      lives. Call 508-309-3838 for a free consultation.

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      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

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