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New "/" Starsky and Hutch zine -- part 2

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  • Agent With Style
    DEADLINE FOR PRE-CON ORDERS SHareCon, BASCon........midnight, Oct. 18 Eclecticon..............midnight, Oct. 25 If you want to pick up zines at any of these
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      SHareCon, BASCon........midnight, Oct. 18
      Eclecticon..............midnight, Oct. 25

      If you want to pick up zines at any of these cons,
      please place your pre-con orders on our webpage as
      soon as possible!

      Agent With Style

      is proud to announce a brand new
      slash Starsky and Hutch novel is available


      Written by Mystic Whim and Hutchlover, with a
      beautiful cover by Judi Jones, the six tales in this
      *thick,* full-sized zine begin in the early days
      before Starsky and Hutch joined the police academy,
      continue to where they become partners on the force,
      and follow up through to end of the series and after
      -- and while life is happening, so is love. The two
      men discover they have more than brotherly feelings
      for one another, and after a few false starts, they
      truly become partners in all things. Weaving in and
      out of our heroes' lives are a strong and loyal group
      of friends who color their days with humor, wit and
      courage, in good times and devastatingly bad times,
      and whom Starsky and Hutch couldn't imagine themselves
      without. Join these two authors as they allow their
      love for these men to shine forth in the love Starsky
      and Hutch have for each other. A not-to-be-missed

      * * *

      MICE AND MEN by Hutchlover and Mystic Whim

      "Why don't we come back on Monday?" Starsky
      suggested. "There's a new kid performing that I've
      been hearing good things about. His name's Steve
      Goodman, and he's a folk singer."
      "I can't make it then," Hutch declined. "I have
      a mid-term in BioSciences on Tuesday, and I'll need to
      "Who are you taking for Bio?" Gino questioned.
      "Franklin," Hutch said, less than
      "I had him last semester," Gino complained. "I
      had to drop it, man. He wanted u to test these
      chemicals on those poor mice. I couldn't do it."
      "He didn't do that this semester. He got so many
      complaints, he dropped that requirement for Bio. But
      he still has all the lab animals in there. I here he
      still experiments with them in other classes, though."
      "That's not right, man," Gino announced sadly.
      "How can you do that to those poor helpless
      "Little Mickeys and Minnies?" Starsky squeaked
      out, unintentionally mimicking the objects of their
      discussion. "Drugging them with chemicals and making
      them suffer?"
      They continued to voice their disgust about the
      cruel treatment to the lab animals until Gino
      suggested they sneak into the Keck lab building and
      set them free.
      "We can't do that, Gino!" Hutch laughed. "What
      if we got caught?"
      "So what are they going to do to us?" he asked,
      mischievous eyes twinkling. "Arrest us for aiding
      mice in a jailbreak? Who would blame us when they
      hear what they do to those animals? Come on! It'll
      be fun! Wouldn't you just love to see the look on
      Franklin's face when he sees the empty cages in the
      Hutch laughed again. "So what is this?
      Operation Rodent Rescue?"
      "No -- Mousecapade '67." Starsky's eyes twinkled
      with a reflection much like the North Star in a clear
      midnight sky.
      Gino laughed with him. "Far out! Let's do it!
      Now all we need is someone to help us; someone who
      would know how to break into the lab."
      Both Hutch and Gino looked to Starsky, who tilted
      his head and unobtrusively pointed a finger to
      "No way, Starsk." Hutch shook his head at his
      friend, who had been listening to their rants about
      the mice with silent amusement. "You can't. You
      can't afford to get caught if you want to enter the
      "Sorry, Hutch, but my stint in the Army prepared
      me for this type of mission. Besides, you havea
      fiancee and can't afford to get caught, either. You
      need my experience in undercover operations to back
      you up."
      Hoping to head off an argument, Gino spoke in a
      rather poor imitation of Peter Grave's voice, thereby
      giving his agreement to Starsky's accompanying them.
      "Your mission, Starsky, should you choose to accept
      "This isn't exactly 'Mission: Impossible,'"
      Starsky giggled. "More like Mission: Mickey Mouse."
      "Now, see?" Hutch cocked a thumb in Starsky's
      direction. "Nothing scares this guy. He's a born
      hero." He saluted his friend in mock seriousness.
      "General Starsky? Private Hutchinson reporting for
      "Yes, sir." Gino saluted. "Me, too, sir."
      "You guys are nuts, you know that?" Starsky
      laughed. "You really want to do this?" The other two
      nodded. "Okay, then. Let's go."

      BORROWED TIME by Hutchlover and Mystic Whim

      The drive back was tense, as each man drove home
      in his own car.
      Starsky pulled into the driveway and turned off
      the engine, but Hutch sat in in his car with the
      engine running. Getting out, Starsky walked over to
      the Ford and opened the driver's side door. "Hutch?
      Hey, you gonna sit here or come inside with me?"
      When Hutch turned toward his lover, Starsky was
      taken aback by the bleakness in his eyes.
      "Come on, babe, let's go in and talk," Starsky
      said gently.
      Once inside, not wanting to push him, Starsky
      waited, let Hutch take off his jacket and followed him
      into the kitchen, where Hutch grabbed a can of ice
      "Okay, you're scaring me, Hutch. What's going
      on? What aren't you telling me?"
      Hutch wrapped his arms around Starsky, burying
      his face in his neck. "Cancer, Starsk," he whispered.
      "I've got cancer...."
      Starsky pulled himself back, stunned,
      "C-C...Cancer? Are...Are you sure?"
      "Hell, no, I'm not sure, but the doctor's pretty
      Hutch waited and watched as the truth sunk in, as
      Starsky kept looking his partner up and down for
      confirmation. Denial, disbelief, fear, anger.
      "How? I don't understand." He ran a hand
      through his abundance of curls and began pacing. "I
      mean, goddamn it. This isn't fair!"
      "I know." A whisper of frustration.
      Starsky ignored the remark as his anger grew. "I
      survived Gunther's hit; we've started a life together,
      dealt with prejudice when we bought this house, and
      then -- blam!" Starsky slammed his fist into an open
      palm. "Why the hell can't we *for once* have a
      simple, normal life?!" He looked up at Hutch as the
      other man leaned against the counter watching him.
      "Aw, babe, I'm sorry. How are you doing? Tell me
      what's going on?"
      "You mean besides the fact that my own body's
      turning against me?" Hutch was angry now, too. He
      didn't want to go through this. He didn't want
      Starsky to have to go through it. He was sick, but
      Starsky would have to watch as he fought this greatest
      of fights. And he knew from past experience how much
      harder that could be. "I don't know what I'm feeling,
      to be honest. I'm angry, I'm scared." Hutch sighed
      and closed his eyes.
      Starsky gathered him in his arms. "Tell me what
      I can do for you, babe."
      "Just be here. Just love me." The plaintive
      blue eyes spoke louder than words.
      "Always." Starsky leaned in and gently kissed
      Hutch's eyelids and smoothed a flushed, pale cheek
      with his fingers.
      Hutch reache dup to grasp onto the hand that
      soothed him and held on tightly as if grasping for a
      lifeline while drowning at sea.
      Pulling away, but not releasing the hand that
      held his, Starsky led his partner into the living room
      and onto the couch. "Tell me. Tell me everything the
      doctor said...."

      We guarantee a happy ending, but to find out how it
      gets there, get this great zine! WITH A LITTLE HELP
      FROM MY FRIENDS now available at Agent With Style's
      webpage (www.agentwithstyle.com).

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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