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Cruise Vacations - Not All-Inclusive

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  • Ray J. Walberg
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      Article Title: Cruise Vacations - Not All-Inclusive
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      Planning for your cruise can be exciting and at first it may
      seem like a very cheap option for a vacation. In fact, taking a
      cruise can be cheaper than taking a self catering land vacation
      or getting a vacation rental but there are some things to be
      aware of when budgeting for your trip.

      Ads for cruises are intended to get you hooked on taking a
      cruise so the lowest price is in bold, large print numbers. This
      price typically covers only the most basic accommodation which
      may or may not be available when you try to book it. The
      advertised price also usually does not include the price of
      taxes and port charges which can add up to a few hundred dollars

      The accommodations on a cruise vary greatly. If you've never
      stayed on a cruise ship you'd be surprised to find that the
      accommodations are quite small, even for the more luxurious
      rooms. This means that "basic" rooms will be very small and you
      should only go with the cheapest option if you know what to
      expect. Many seasoned cruise vacationers spend most of their
      time out of the room and use it simply to sleep and shower. If
      it's your first time or if it's for a special occasion, e.g.
      honeymoon or anniversary, it is recommended that you splurge a
      bit. Consider paying for room with a window or even a balcony.
      It will make your stay more pleasant and help you adjust to life
      on the open seas.

      The advertised rates are usually per person based on double
      occupancy. Traveling by yourself on a cruise can be enjoyable
      but there are added expenses. There is an added cost if you
      choose to stay in your cabin alone; expect to pay at least one
      third extra for single occupancy. Another option is to share the
      cabin with a stranger. Some cruise companies offer a service
      that will match you up with other same sex solo travelers.

      Even though cruises are touted as "all inclusive", there are
      some things you'll need to pay for out-of-pocket. Food and
      activities are included in the price of your cruise but alcohol
      is not usually included. The price of drinks on a cruise is
      usually higher than you'd expect and can quickly add up. Land
      excursions at ports of call be arranged on the ship but they are
      an additional cost. Also consider gift shopping and spending at
      your ports of call. If you budget at least a hundred dollars a
      day for added expenses you'll have a more carefree and
      pleasurable holiday.

      Cruises can be a real bargain but be aware of hidden and
      unexpected costs. You can penny pinch but if you budget a bit
      more you'll have a more pleasant and carefree vacation.

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