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A Budding Golfers Guide To A Good Pair Of Golf Shoes

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  • James Brown
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      Golf is a low impact sport that is normally for leisure. But
      playing the greens can be psychologically intensive as it can be
      physically demanding. Golf is normally played by professionals
      and executives to unwind and take time off from the hassle and
      bustle of the corporate world. But for some who indulge in the
      sport, it can be an activity where they can make or break
      business deals.

      Golf has been a man's game, with all that metal involved. These
      are the equipments that can bring out the wolf amongst the
      sheep. It can be the determining factor on how serious of a
      golfer you are. Packing in iron and wood clubs that have
      titanium shafts really show that you're in the game.

      Budding golfers tend to focus more on the clubs, spending time
      researching and reading about it before they buy, but not really
      giving an equal amount of importance on golf shoes. Golf shoes
      are there not just for the looks of it, it also has its
      functions. The most sellable pair can be those worn by a sports
      celebrity endorser because golfers only took a couple of minutes
      to decide what to buy. A rather uncanny way of selecting
      something that could help you shave a few strokes off the game.

      Playing golf for 3 to 5 hours a game, walking miles and miles
      of uneven terrain and exposing oneself to the blazing sun can be
      exhausting and painful to the feet. These factors can contribute
      to fatigue and may alter your swing form. It is advisable to
      wear golf shoes that have a half inch allowance on the toes so
      the foot won't be cramped inside. Wearing a pair that has a
      bigger allowance can tip you off form since your feet are not
      thoroughly fastened. Normally good golf shoes are tight on the
      mid and rear foot section since this is where the balance comes
      from. Having worn the wrong type of shoes in playing golf can
      lead to injury since rubber shoes that are for running and cross
      training can be slippery on a wet turf and may cause the golfer
      to slip on the follow through. Some golf courses don't allow
      these shoes for it can damage the green due to its spikes.

      It is important to wear golf shoes that are soft so the feet
      won't get swollen after playing the full 18 holes. Another thing
      to consider would be if the shoes are waterproof as golf is an
      outdoor sport and it might rain in the middle of the game. For
      beginners, it can be good to wear cleats with the shoes to
      provide more grip to the turf for that needed balance when
      swinging especially if the turf is wet. But cleats can destroy
      the greens and the fairways so the better the golfer gets the
      less likely he will need the cleats.

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