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gnosis #5-7, out now!

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  • Bri Zine
    hey kids... i m off to make more copies of some old and a new issue of gnosis, so if you re interested, drop me a line: gnosis #5- well, it starts as the diy
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2004
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      hey kids...
      i'm off to make more copies of some old and a new issue of gnosis, so if you're interested, drop me a line:

      gnosis #5- well, it starts as the diy issue but kinda loses it after awhile. how to start your own zine, how to make a skirt out of a t-shirt, how to make stencils...my break-up with sean, the beginning of an alphabet series (the bri zine encyclopedia) A, B & C...republished article "punk'n'zine" from my old zine "culture sh*ck", "remember when", a look back on my high school career...life for pop tart #5-6 (comics), free stephen funk day 2003 (my opinions on NION's support of stephen funk), and a bit more.

      gnosis #6- the continued bri zine encyclopedia (D, E & F)..."it's been a year, hasn't it?"- the year my life really began, "you can call me a fashion core whore"- why i hate having my picture taken, random thoughts about my silly crushes from november 03 (when i started making the zine) up until spring break, when i was already well into my wonderful relationship with my boyfriend donny...poetry by myself & local hip-hop artist/slam poet judah, "the role of men and women in society baded upon 'the taming of the shrew'"...how spring time=zine time, and a lot more.

      gnosis #7- more bri zine encyclopedia (G, H & I though H is a little neglected), life for pop tart #7 (comic), zine reviews, my summer internship workin for "the man", a long slam poem that i wrote with judah (his half will be in gnosis #8), why am i obsessed with notebooks?, oooh drama, my psuedo-band die computer die, the so ricki reunion show (my first band), and a lot of neat, random thoughts/writings

      all of these are $1/2 stamps each. all are 1/4 size, 40 pages. i also accept trade but please contact me first to discuss.

      if any of you are still waiting for an order to be sent to you, i am sorry. i moved recently so things have been a bit hectic. please email me & let me know what you ordered, your address, etc.

      bri zine
      3721 riverside drive
      cleveland, ohio 44109 usa

      also, i'll be going to school in a few weeks...i can still receive mail at the above address, but it will just take awhile. i'll have my kent address soon.

      - bri zine
      - www.riotpoptart.com

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