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    Hello Friends,This time I have a new and very cool website to recommend: http://www.cgmoore.com. The site www.cgmoore.com is the Official Website of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2004
      Hello Friends,

      This time I have a new and very cool website to recommend:
      The site www.cgmoore.com is the Official Website of a famous
      Canadian author Christopher G. Moore.

      If you are interested in knowing what farangs have experienced in
      Thailand, Christopher G. Moore's books will give you the best answer.
      Moore is regarded as one of the best English writers writing about
      Thailand and Southeast Asia.

      According to the Bangkok Post, "Moore knows Thailand better than the
      Thais know themselves."

      To Thai readers Moore may sound like a new name, but this author is
      well known in America, Australia, Europe, and Japan. He has lived in
      Thailand for the past 16 years and has written 17 novels which have
      been extensively reviewed in Newsweek, Maclean's, The Globe and Mail,
      Vancouver Sun, Asia Times, Japan Times, various media in Europe, and
      Thailand's home papers like Bangkok Post and The Nation.

      Moore's new book is just out! "Pattaya 24/7" is No. 8 in his famous
      Vincent Calvino Private Eyes Series.

      But if you want to only read in Thai, good news is, there's a book in Thai =

      language: "Mia Noi" or "Minor Wife" (
      http://www.cgmoore.com/book/MinorWife.htm ) which is translated by
      one of Thailand's top translators, Khun Noppadol Wessawad, who has
      described the book as "Sharp and hot on the tongue like pure

      For all Moore's books are here..

      If this sounds interesting and fun for you, come have a look at
      www.cgmoore.com and if you are a crime fiction fan and like to get
      something for nothing, then go for the free download (
      http://www.cgmoore.com/free/index.htm ). Spirit House is the first in
      the award winning Vincent Calvino series. Also cool and you can
      download — great wallpaper! But there is no need to stop with
      wallpaper. You can peel yourself some ultra-cool Winamp skin as well.

      And If you wish exchange link with us, Please contact
      webmaster@... "Exchange Link"

      Thank you for visit our site~
      webmaster :: http://www.cgmoore.com
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