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New zines, song vids and jewelry at AWS!

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  • Mystery Frank
    The following items will be available from Agent With Style at MediaWest this weekend. We will be in ROOM 263, the second floor Lake Suite. We plan to open
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2004
      The following items will be available from Agent With Style at
      MediaWest this weekend.

      We will be in ROOM 263, the second floor Lake Suite. We plan to open
      our doors late (possibly *very* late) Wednesday evening.

      None of these zines can be pre-ordered for the con, as it's much too
      late for that, but for those of you not going to MediaWest, you *can*
      order them from our webpage. These items are all listed there, so
      feel free to use our handy-dandy order form on our webpage to order





      Crossover with The Sentinel. See description under that fandom below.




      Containing stories from Rat Patrol, Stargate, Real Ghostbusters,
      Profiler, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Emergency!, Starsky & Hutch, Here
      Come the Brides, Magnificent 7, Star Wars (Attack of the Clones) and
      more, this gen zine will keep your attention! With the flip of a
      page, you can go from one fantastic fandom to another. Like the best
      VCR or DVD recorder in the world, you get great stories in all your
      favorite fandoms without having to sit through ten hours of "Barney,
      the purple dinosaur"!


      *Real Ghostbusters*


      Crossover with Stargate SG-1. See description under that fandom


      *The Sentinel*


      Contained in this digest-sized gen zine is Nightowl's wonderful
      collection of all-new and previously net-published adventures of
      Jim, Blair and their cat Burnaby, including the completed "Spirit
      Guide" series and six stand-alone stories. Several of these stories
      were previously posted to the net, but are now exclusive to this
      zine. Each has been slightly rewritten and updated to fix some
      technical and continuity problems, and to bring things more in line
      with canon. From start to finish, these stories will hold you
      transfixed. You won't want to miss these delightful tales!


      That's right, *two* issues at the same time! These slash zines are
      chockful of wonderful stories by such fantastic authors as KAM, Sue
      Walker, ALF, Lyn, Tinnean, Nadja Lee, Annie, Marion and Arianna.
      These collections are full of funny, heartwarming and silly stories
      that will have you laughing, and heartwrenching hurt/comfort stories
      that will have you on the edge of your seat.


      With a gorgeous color cover by Lorraine Brevig, and stories by some
      of the best-known writers in Sentinel fandom, such as Gil Hale,
      Rawly, JadeBear, Anna Kelly and Sheila Paulson, this gen zine will
      draw you in with every turn of the page. From heartbreak to laughter
      and back again, this zine will hold you enthralled!


      Written by Audrey Lynne Brackett, in this Sentinel/Emergency! gen
      crossover novel, Kelly Brackett's past catches up to him -- and puts
      Blair Sandburg in danger. Don't miss it!




      What happened to cause Superman and Lex Luthor to becomes such bitter
      enemies? How could such a strong friendship have come to this? Both
      of the stories in this slash zine are future fics, dealing with 'the
      Rift' between these friends and lovers. Two smashing, intense stories
      from authors who are new to Smallville slash, but by no means new to
      slash in general! Don't miss it!


      *Stargate SG-1*


      Beautifully crafted in sterling silver, these necklaces each bear a
      glyph from the chaapa'ai, the Stargate, including the one signifying
      Earth. A sign of the zodiac has been assigned to each glyph, but
      even if astrology isn't your 'thing,' you can still wear these
      dazzling necklaces and show your support for your favorite show!
      Also availble in brass keychains, these glyphs are beautiful in their
      own right and will brighten up even the dullest collection of keys!
      Pictures of both the sterling silver necklaces and the brass
      keychains can be found on our website: www.agentwithstyle.com,
      under "Stargate SG-1" as well as "Jewelry".


      In this Stargate SG-1/Real Ghostbusters gen crossover sequel to "Food
      of the Gods," written by Sheila Paulson, when Peter Venkman vanishes
      without a trace from the firehall, he finds himself in a spaceship
      confronting an alien -- named Thor. When the Asgard have a spirit
      problem, who are they gonna call? In this case, it's the
      Ghostbusters and SG-1, to deal with a major replicator crisis on a
      protected planet. Once the two teams arrive and encounter powerful
      ghostly replicators, they find their troubles are just beginning.


      *Starsky and Hutch*


      A collection of funny, heartwarming and intriguing S&H song vids by
      Cynatnite, on a CD that will play in any computer and most DVD
      players. For her first collection, Cyn shows her wicked sense of
      humor and her passion for the Blond Blintz and Curly, as well as her
      ability to pick the *perfect* clip for each moment of each song. A
      joy to watch, these songvids are not to be missed!


      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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