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Satellite TV Listings Easy To Locate

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  • Simon Peters
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      When you have access to over 230 channels, finding something to
      watch on television should not be that difficult. This of course
      will depend on your taste in television programs and your
      knowledge of how to find out what is contained in your satellite
      TV listings. You have probably noticed that the satellite
      channels do not match the cable channel numbers and you will
      have to convert the channel in most local TV guides.

      There are a few ways to find satellite TV listings regardless
      of where you live, and the conversion process is not that
      difficult. You can also subscribe, for a small fee, to your
      satellite TV provider's programming guide, which will tell you
      which channel will broadcast what program and when. It is
      similar to the TV Guide, except it is strictly for satellite

      If you also know the name of the channel, for example The
      Discovery Channel, you can then look through your on-screen
      programming guide and find the channel by name, and view the
      upcoming programs on the channel by time. With most satellite
      receivers you can view up to two weeks of satellite TV listings
      in advance on-screen and if you see something you want to view,
      set it to record, in case you forget and miss it.

      Listings Also Available Through Recording Options

      Most satellite TV receivers equipped with digital video
      recorders will allow the option to record by program name or by
      channel. You can view the recordings available by channel, which
      will give you the satellite TV listings by time on whichever
      channel you are previewing. When you find a program you want,
      simply hit a button to records it or make a note if it so you
      can watch it live.

      You can also set up your satellite TV listings on a personal
      preferences guide on which you enter the programs you would like
      to see or record and go back and view it to see if any of them
      are listed in the upcoming satellite TV listings. This can also
      help if you have channels that you do not subscribe to as they
      will also show up on the overall listings. It will not be until
      you try to view it that you will see the reminder that you do
      not subscribe to that channel.

      By eliminating those channels in your preferences, you will not
      have to sort through all the channels you do not get, and see
      what you might be missing.

      About The Author: Simon Peters is the owner of
      http://on-satellite-tv.com, it is THE best source for advice on
      the subject of satellite tv, nothing to sell, just information .
      . .

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