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Stocks Vs Bonds: Should You Put Your Money Into Stocks Or Bonds?

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  • Josh Neumann
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      Article Title: Stocks Vs Bonds: Should You Put Your Money Into
      Stocks Or Bonds?
      Author: Josh Neumann
      Word Count: 415
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      So what is the difference between stocks vs. bonds? People
      today are interested to know what the better method of investing
      is. Trust be told, many believe that bonds are better because
      they are a safer investment, as you are virtually assured of
      achieving a positive return on your investment.

      Here is a brief explanation of a bond. The company you hold a
      bond in has issued you a bond in exchange for your money over a
      certain time. When the time is up, they will pay the loan back
      to you with interest. Therefore, as long as the company is
      financially stable, you can be almost certainly to make that
      money back.

      A stock, on the other hand, is not guaranteed and fluctuates
      all the time. Therefore, most people believe (in some cases
      rightfully so) that a bond is a better investment because they
      are less volatile.

      However, here's something very few investors are aware of: when
      done right, stock investing can actually be just as guaranteed
      of giving you a positive return on your investment as a bond,
      and maybe even more so.

      You see, when you focus your investing on companies that have
      sound financially numbers and good prospects for the future, you
      can be virtually guaranteed of making money. However, when, like
      most investors, you try to spread your investments around and
      include companies on shaky financial ground, you are just asking
      for trouble.

      The reason that so many investors lose money is that they
      invest in companies without looking at their financial
      statements. The only reason they invest at all is they think the
      stock price will be going up short term. Therefore, the first
      sign up trouble, they sell out.

      On the other hand, however, when you focus on sound, stable
      companies, you are not only assured of making a positive return
      of investment, but you can make a lot more money than you would
      with a bond. Warren Buffet is famous for achieving a 15-20%
      growth rate on his portfolio nearly every single year. This
      wouldn't be possible without his strategy to focus on companies
      he can be assured of will turn a profit.

      Therefore, don't be fooled into only focusing on bonds because
      they are safer. When you open your eyes, you will actually
      realize that there are many stocks you can invest in assured of
      generating you a profit.

      About The Author: For more tips for investing in the stock
      market, visit http://www.stock-investing-tips.com, a popular
      site that teaches how to make a fortune in the market.

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