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Pro Wrestling Press fanzine, #24 details

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  • Greg Kelly
    PRO WRESTLING PRESS fanzine, Issue 24: MEXICAN BOARDERS - Former WWF performer Dusty Wolfe tells more of his hilarious road stories. This time involving
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      PRO WRESTLING PRESS fanzine, Issue 24:

      MEXICAN BOARDERS - Former WWF performer Dusty Wolfe
      tells more of his hilarious road stories. This time involving
      Mexican border patrols and "being asked to leave Boystown"!

      CHOKEHOLD - A very in-depth critique of Georgia-based pro
      wrestler Jim Wilson's autobiography. Lots are areas covered,
      such as the need for a union, black-balling in the industry, the
      alleged sexual advances of promoter Jim Barnett, his unique
      theory behind the reason for Tommy Rich's title run, the
      infamous 'Battle for Atlanta', history of the NWA, deaths in
      wrestling, and more.

      WWE UNSCRIPTED - A look at WWE's brand new "coffee table"

      SMACKDOWN: HERE COMES THE PAIN - An enthusiastic
      review of the WWE video game.

      PAUL LONDON CAREER PROFILE - A very interesting look at
      the wrestling career, thus far, of WWE's latest signing. From
      keeping his wrestling training a secret from his parents, right up
      to landing his dream job at the WWE, it's all here!

      SURVIVOR SERIES - Round-table type discussion from several
      of our writers.

      ROBBIE BROOKSIDE VIDEO - A review of the Liverpool lad's
      video from when he travelled to the States to try-out for WCW.
      Shot about 8 years ago, it shows him living at the William Regal
      household and meeting lots of US wrestling stars of the time.

      HAWK OBITUARY - In remembrance of Michael Hegstrand.

      documentation of the wrestling style 'Muga', inspired by Karl
      Gotch, named by Tatsumi Fujinami and most famously
      performed by Osamu Nishimura.

      VIDEO REWIND - Staff writer Marie Humphrey shares with us her
      favourite moments in wrestling as a fan, including Halloween
      Havoc, Guily as Charged, War Games and Great American

      LOYALTY, WHAT'S IT GOOD FOR? - Emotional road diary of US
      indy wrestler 'Uptown' Frankie Capone. Included NWA Wildside,
      Ring Warriors, and the reason for the cancellation of NWA-FL
      show 'Rising from the Ashes'.

      IN THE MANAGER'S CORNER - Remembering the career of
      Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan.

      Please note that final contents may vary to what is advertised.
      This particular issue is being printed this week.

      For further information, please visit http://www.pwpress.co.uk

      Greg Kelly
      [e] editor@...
      [w] http://www.pwpress.co.uk

      "...I really enjoyed reading them [PWP], you guys are doing a
      great job."
      Percival Pringle III (Paul Bearer)

      "The second best sheet I've seen after WON. Lots of great
      Bob Barnett

      "...It has excellent articles, amongst the best I've seen."
      Glen Radford

      "PWP is the most professionally produced wrestling 'zine I've
      ever had the pleasure of reading..."
      Mark Priest

      "Liked it a lot... Look forward to the next issue."
      'Solid Gold' Scott Parker

      "The knowledge of your writers really comes across."
      The Lilsboys, SUN ONLINE (www.thesun.co.uk/sport)

      "...the contributors really do know what they are talking about,
      and are able to write about it in a very professional manner."
      The Wrestling Furnace

      "... it really is the best wrestling publication available and by such
      a long way too - a must for any discerning wrestling fan,
      PWP Reader, Midnight Express

      "...Highly recommended!"
      PWP Reader, Overbooked

      "PWP continues to be the best wrestling read in the UK"
      Allan Roberts

      "...it's the best read I've had in a long time. It reminds me of the
      Power Slam of years ago..."
      Stuart Watson

      "A great mix of material, all very well researched and presented.
      Keep up the outstanding work!"
      James Hussell

      "All the articles are well researched and varied."
      Barry Farnworth

      "...I was very impressed, both the format of the magazine and the
      content are excellent with the articles very interesting."
      Lucy Clare

      "What a little gem of a Fanzine... Puroresu Power is great and
      Dusty Wolfe's Interview was a treat to read."
      James Simpson

      "...To say I am impressed is an understatement - great articles,
      interesting interviews and entertaining wrap-ups. it is without
      doubt a superb read."
      Tom Delves
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