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The Proper Golf Swing Helps You To Reduce Lower Back Stress

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  • Ditto White
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      Article Title: The Proper Golf Swing Helps You To Reduce Lower
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      Author: Ditto White
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      An improper golf swing can be the cause of serious back injury
      mostly in the lower back and this is a common occurrence in
      many golfers. By learning the proper way to reduce the stress
      on your lower back while making a golf swing, you can enjoy
      this game for many years to come. This is because you will not
      have to experience pain afterwards or risk serious injury.
      Let's face it, if you injure yourself then you will not be able
      to enjoy your golf game the way you would like.

      Here are some helpful tips for improving your golf swing and
      reducing lower back stress:

      * When you take the golf club to the rear to swing, slow down.
      This reduces lower back stress. A slower swing will relieve a
      good portion of the stress occurring at the top of your swing
      and at the lower back.

      * Direct your swing to your hips and shoulders by concentrating
      on how you rotate on them. The idea is to get all rotation out
      of your back and directed to these areas. Doing so reduces
      lower back stress at the point of your swing.

      * Shift your body weight on to your right foot when pulling
      back the golf club to swing. It would be the opposite foot if
      you are a left-handed golfer.

      * Try not to spread your feet too far apart when going to swing
      and drive the golf ball. Of course, you want your feet spread
      just enough for a good position to drive properly, but when the
      feet are placed too far apart, you can cause stress on your
      lower back. This is because it limits your ability to turn your
      hips and eventually causes lower back stress. Position your feet
      about a shoulder's width apart before you go into your swing.

      * Do not extend your arms too far out as you follow through on
      your swing.

      When you put these hints into action, you will enjoy your golf
      game much more as you will not risk back injury and inevitably
      be under a lot of pain. You may have a serious condition
      requiring the treatment of a doctor if your lower back pain is
      persistent. This could be an indication of arthritis, a
      disc-related injury or a fracture because of the stress. Again,
      see your doctor because this pain can not be treated by
      adjusting your swing. It needs to be treated by a physician and
      there are specialized procedures to correct the problem.

      About The Author: Ditto White is an author and editor in chief
      for http://www.best-golf-swing.info Visit the site and
      download FREE report "The Perfect Golf Vacation. More on golf
      shoes, visit http://www.best-golf-swing.info/shoes

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