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"Increase Quality Or Bid $5.00 To Activate” – Solutions For Google Adwords

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  • Pete Grundner
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      Article Title: "Increase Quality Or Bid $5.00 To Activate" –
      Solutions For Google Adwords
      Author: Pete Grundner
      Word Count: 598
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      If you've ever done a Google Adwords campaign, you might have
      come across this message for one of your keyword which reads
      "Increase quality or bid $5.00 to activate."

      First, let's look at the reason for this. When Google looks at
      any placement, it looks at relevancy (perceived relevancy in
      this case) as discussed in previous Marketing Insight ezines.
      The reason you have gotten this message is that Google feels
      that your ad does not relate to the keyword - so it
      de-activates that keyword. What this message is also saying is
      that, if you don't know how to use Google Adwords, you should
      be paying 5 times more than necessary. So what do you do?


      Google make fortunes from people who are so desperate to have
      their ad shown on that keyword that they agree to the given
      price. That is a huge mistake and will cost you big. Imagine
      your lead cost going up by 5 times for that keyword!

      Here are two better options for you:

      1.) Remove the keyword from that campaign and place it into
      another ad group that is more relevant or create an ad group
      campaign that has the keyword in the headline. This is what you
      should have done from the beginning - group related keywords
      together so they make sense.

      Here are some examples:

      • GROUPING THE WRONG WAY – keywords like Home Business, Earn
      Money, Online Business, Make Money Fast with an ad that reads
      "Make $20,000/mo From Home". The problem is, even though the ad
      might be good, the keywords are too different and do not match
      the ad, therefore your ad is being de-activated.

      • GROUPING THE RIGHT WAY – The right way to do it is to set up
      3 separate ad groups for the above keywords and add related,
      similar keywords to it like this – Home Business, Home Based
      Business, Business from Home, etc. – The ad would read – "Best
      Home Based Business" or "$1,000/Day-Home Business" (some of the
      keywords are in the title)

      Create another ad group for your other keywords like - Earn
      Money, Earn Money from Home, Earn Extra Money, etc. Your ad
      would include some if not all keywords in the title like –
      "Earn Money Fast", "Earn Money While Sleeping" "Earn
      $3,000/Day", etc.

      In other words, when you have the keywords matching the
      selection of words used in your ad, and your keywords appear in
      the headline, your ad will rarely be deactivated.

      You just accomplished two things…not only will you not have to
      pay the higher price , instead, more likely, your cpc will drop
      even lower than what you paid before they asked you to increase
      your bid. Plus your click rate is even higher because the ad is
      more relevant.

      2.) The other thing you can do is just delete the keyword for a
      few days and put it back up. Most likely, you'll be back to the
      original bid price.

      Bottom line, Google will reward you for relevancy and will
      charge you extra for generality. So, next time you get this
      message, do the smart thing and retool your adwords campaign
      and don't just pay the requested increase.

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      The article is brought to you by Peter Grundner at P&T
      For more information please visit how2succeedonline.net and

      About The Author: Peter Grundner, a top advertising and
      marketing professional for over20 years, is now a full time
      Home Business Entrepreneur and founder of
      http://www.myedconline.com & http://www.how2succeedonline.net

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      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

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