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Last Call for Submissions--Dreams Compilation Zine

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  • Ziggy Cyanide
    During summer I ve been collecting things for my compilation zine on dreams. This is the *last call,* if you have anything to contribute...it would be very
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2003
      During summer I've been collecting things for my compilation zine on dreams.
      This is the *last call,* if you have anything to contribute...it would be
      very nice. You'll get a free copy of the zine, too.

      The deadline is September 7. Please send things in plain .txt format for
      text; .jpg or .gif for images.

      I'm looking for: prose, poetry, artwork of any medium as long as it can be
      xeroxed, ATCs, photography, quotes, fiction, non-fiction. I am interested in
      anything about dreams, dreaming, and sleep, or lack thereof. Some
      suggestions are listed below, but this is _not_ to be considered a
      questionnaire--I'm just trying to start you off somewhere. Feel free to
      take any one or more or all of these ideas and just go with it...or think up
      your own.

      -Do you have a recurring dream or nightmare?
      -What's the best dream you've ever had? Scariest? Weirdest? Most memorable?
      -Do you think dreams are important? Do you write down your dreams?
      -Have you ever had lucid dreams (in which you suddenly realize while
      dreaming that you are dreaming, and are subsequently able to control your
      -Have you ever had a precognitive dream (revealing the future)?
      -Have you ever found the answer to a problem in a dream?
      -Do you dream in colour or black'n'white? Is there sound? Can you touch,
      taste, or smell in your dreams? Are they very vivid or hazy?
      -Can you easily remember your dreams upon waking?
      -What do you think is the purpose of dreams? (i.e., the brain randomly
      spitting out stray information, a message from god, a way of sorting out the
      day, dealing with problems you can't think about in waking life, travelling
      to other worlds, etc.)
      -Have you ever experienced the kind of dream where you're half-asleep, and
      the dream invades your waking life, or waking reality affects your dream?
      -Do you have dreams about sex with celebrities and/or crushes? (You
      know,...women as well as men can orgasm during erotic dreams. Just an
      interesting bit of information. It's never happened to me, but I've read
      about it).
      -Do you believe dreams are nonsense, or just as "real" as waking reality?
      -Have you ever had insomnia? Have you ever experienced hyperreality (when
      you go without sleep for more than 24-48 hours, your body tries to sleep
      while its awake, and strange things happen [such as hallucinations, feelings
      of floating, etc.])
      -Do you know of any good remedies for insomnia?
      -What do you know about circadian rhythms and sleep/wake cycles?
      -What do you think is the purpose of sleep?
      -Can dreaming be equated with meditation, or religious visions?

      Okay, I think you get the idea.

      When I put together the zine, I will probably sort it into
      sections...tentative sections would be "dreams" (remembered dreams, with and
      without theory behind them), "sleep & dream theory" (which would include
      scientific as well as spiritual ideas), "insomnia" (information about and
      remedies)... Oh, and if you have any suggestions for an interesting title (I
      got nothin' yet), send them along, too.

      Please include your name or nickname, age (if you want to--I'm just
      interested), email, and webpage(s) (or don't include any of it, if you want
      to remain anonymous). Let me know your mailing address if you'd like a free
      copy. Email all submissions to nanZgirl@...; if you want to
      snail-mail something, please ask me first.

      Okay, I think that's everything. Go forth and explore your subconscious!


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