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Napoleon Hill And Dan Pena Knew This Success Secret

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  • Keith Matthew
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      Article Title: Napoleon Hill And Dan Pena Knew This Success
      Author: Keith Matthew
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      Napoleon Hill made more millionaires over his lifetime than
      anyone who came before him...even more than Andrew Carnegie.

      His book, 'Think and Grow Rich' even today influences the minds
      of people all around the world.

      But how did Dr. Hill become so tremendous? So outrageously
      successful? At a very early age, he understood a very important
      success principle.

      'Billionaire' Dan Pena over in Scotland also understands this
      very same success principle.

      Most people say they want financial fr.eedom...a nicer home,
      another car, to travel more, to be able to make your own hours.

      We see Dan Pena's obscenely beautiful castle and comment, 'I
      want that too.'

      But Dan is quick to tell you about all the years of hard work
      and sacrifice he put in which made that castle his own.

      And it took Napoleon Hill all but 3 seconds to tell Andrew
      Carnegie he was willing to work the next 20 years for him
      without any sort of pay or compensation in order to succeed.

      So in light of what these two great men have accomplished,
      answer this for me:

      �What are YOU willing to pay for your financial freedom?�

      What are YOU willing to DO in order to have the things you�ve
      always wanted inyour life?

      (What price are you going to pay if you DON�T do what it

      People who have little can feel the pain of their circumstances
      and are more apt to do something to make a change in their
      lives. This is because we all naturally move toward pleasure
      and away from pain. Their challenge of course is that they have
      to learn a whole new way of doing things.

      Those who have a lot and still strive to reach higher goals
      usually have some of the success principles already at work in
      their lives and need new strategies and paradyms.

      Where do YOU fit in here?

      Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you saddled down with
      mortgages and other types of debt?

      Or are you somewhere in the middle�where you have some, just
      enough to keep you moving on the hamster wheel of life each

      9 out of 10 people tell me they�re 110% committed to doing what
      it takes to succeed.

      You know what? All but 1 or 2 of those 9 people are simply
      talking and not ready to actually roll up their sleeves and
      scrape their knuckles getting the work done.

      I�m telling you this:

      �You have to choose financial freedom and then be willing to do
      what it takes to make it happen.�

      You cannot hope for it.
      You cannot wish it into existence.
      And you cannot gain it from outside yourself.

      We don't all have to be Dan Penas and Napoleon Hills.

      But take the wisdom from their achievements and make it your

      If you can't dedicate your next 20 years or if you're not
      willing to sacrifice the precious moments of being with your
      family in order to get your own castle, then at least do this:

      Take a small step.

      Make an extra sales call.

      Get up 20 minutes earlier each day to work on your vision or
      work out your muscles.

      Cut out ONE TV show and get working on your future.

      Choose It. Commit To It. Make It Happen.

      Keith Matthew
      Pathways To Power, LLC

      P.S. - If you haven't yet picked up a copy of the 'How To
      Attract Success' Kit, I highly recommend you go here now and
      get it: http://www.pathwaystopower.com/attract.html

      About The Author: Keith Matthew and Laura Roman Lopez have been
      teaching personal development and wealth building techniques for
      12 years. Visit
      http://www.pathwaystopower.com/ns-freeworkshop.html to sign up
      for a Free 7-Day Success Workshop.

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      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

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