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Thinking About More Business

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  • Paul Lemberg
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006

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      Article Title: Thinking About More Business
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      What does an old Russian joke have to do with getting new

      Did you increase your business in the past 12 months? Don't
      discriminate between more new clients or old clients spending
      more money -- count the increase either way. If you didn't, you
      really should be asking yourself why not.

      Yes, I know -- it all started with the Internet implosion. Then
      came terrorist attacks. Next, the global recession. And after
      that, a war that threatened to destabilize the worldwide
      political structures for peace and harmony. Who knows what's
      next, but the fact is, none of these "cataclysmic" events has
      really mattered.

      How can I say such a thing? Because for most of us, several
      more clients or a few additional transactions can turn a
      mediocre year into a great one. And large scale macro-level
      trauma and transition don't really impact our micro-level
      ability to find that next client or do the next deal. The only
      place those macro-things matter is in your head, but -- for
      good or for bad --what happens in your head tends to powerfully
      affect what happens in your business.

      Yefim, a Latvian �migr� who worked for me years ago told a joke
      (if you can call it that) from the old Soviet Union. He said,
      "What's the difference between an American and a Russian?" "The
      American expects things to get better, and the Russian hopes
      they don't get worse." Well, after a year or two of lackluster,
      even dismal, business, you're probably getting more like the
      Russian: not sure if things can ever get better. And you're
      questioning whether you can expend any resources to do anything
      about it.

      When you believe the world is going to hell in a hand-basket,
      not taking steps to improve your business seems natural. You
      expect that clients and prospects will say no to even your best
      proposition. After a while you simply stop trying.

      Thinking about more business starts with thinking such a thing
      is possible -- nay, probable --but if you've read this far you
      still may be a believer. And if you think increasing your
      business is possible -- despite what's reported on the evening
      news -- then it is time to get busy. No more excuses. Not the
      weather. Not the season -- I don't care if it is Summer or
      Christmas or Ramadan. Not even the economy.

      So what's the good news? In 1966, Richard Farina wrote a book
      called "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me." Feel that
      way? Great, because making a difference is going to be easy.
      You've probably been dormant so long, any improvement will look
      simply marvelous.

      Here's the secret.

      There are only three ways to grow your business: you can find
      new clients, you can have your clients buy from you more often,
      and you can have clients -- old and new -- buy more each time.

      "You mean that's it?"

      Listen closely, grasshopper. This little formula can yield
      great insight into how to approach your business right away --
      if you let it.

      Want help? Answer the following questions.

      What ways are you currently using to find new clients now? Go
      ahead -- make a list, even if it's only in your head. Are those
      ways working? (No -- probably not, otherwise you wouldn't be
      reading this.) Are they the same ones you were using a year
      ago? (Shame on you -- they weren't working a year ago, why
      should they work better now?)

      What new products or services have you introduced in the past
      six months to help your current clients? (You haven't-- no
      one's spending any money.) Of course not, they already have all
      the stuff you sell they think they need.

      What new combinations of products, or products and services, or
      subscriptions, or renewable services, or... It boggles the mind
      how many ways there are to increase the value of each
      individual purchase. How many of these new offers have you made
      to your prospects and clients in the past six months? (I'm not
      even going to wait for your answer.)

      If you meditate on each of these questions like a Zen Koan --
      you will assuredly invent at least two -- and perhaps many --
      new ways to increase your business.

      Of course, these aren't the only things you can do, but they
      are a great start.

      Can't come up with any ideas? Let your clients do the work for
      you -- after all, it's in their own best interests. Do a survey
      -- call up 10 or 20 and find out what they need from you that
      they can't get. Even simpler -- use one of the online survey
      tools like http://surveymonkey.com or http://zoomerang.com

      While you're at it, you may want to insure that your core
      product still makes sense. After all --clients aren't buying it
      like they used to. That can only mean a few things -- either
      you're doing a bad job telling people why they want it, or they
      just don't want it.

      Both of these problems can be fixed, but it's important to make
      sure you're fixing the right one. If you fix your marketing and
      tell people about something no one really wants, you're just
      wasting money. On the other hand, if your products really are
      right for the market, but you're not communicating effectively
      -- you might end up changing your products unnecessarily.

      I hope you realize from this simple exercise how easy it is to
      quickly begin generating new and increased business. Just ask
      yourself good questions and invent some good answers. After
      all, that's what thinking is.

      Then take those thoughts and put a few into action.


      (c) Copyright Paul Lemberg. All rights reserved

      About The Author: Business Coach http://paullemberg.com and
      Strategist, Paul Lemberg is the President of Quantum Growth
      Coaching, the world's only fully systemized business coaching
      http://quantumgrowthcoaching.com program designed to create
      More Profits and More Life� for

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