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Getting Along With Your In-laws

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  • Alex Daniels
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2007

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      Article Title: Getting Along With Your In-laws
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      In-laws are a big part of making a relationship work. Getting
      along with your in-laws will mean that you have an ally in
      conflicts, or at the very least a voice of reason instead of an
      opposing voice. In fact, acrimonious relationships with in-laws
      is one of the top reasons why there is conflict within a
      relationship in the first place. There are a lot of ways that
      you can create a good relationship with your in-laws in order
      to have a harmonious relationship with your significant other.

      Be supportive, but not contributing

      Inevitably, your partner will have disputes with members of his
      or her family. Most of the time, you will end up being the
      sounding board for the frustrations that your partner is
      feeling over that particular family member. A lot of people see
      this as an opportunity to vent some of their own frustrations
      with the in-law in question. This can be a huge mistake. While
      it may seem as though your partner is really angry at her
      mother or his brother at the time, adding your own thoughts on
      the failings of the in-law will do more harm than good. It
      might lead to a fight of your own, and it will definitely mean
      some hard feelings when the spat is over. It might even get
      back to the in-law. It's best to be supportive when issues come
      up, but talking through the problem in such a way that the fight
      comes to a good conclusion will not only help your own
      relationship, the odds are good it will get back to the in-laws
      and your relationship there will improve as well.

      In person

      Some in-laws are just impossible to like. For the sake of your
      significant other, though, you will have to be in a room with
      them every once in a while. Try not to act like this is a
      chore. Be a part of conversations without forcing them, and try
      to not answer questions in monosyllables. Try your best to be
      effusive, and your relationship might change.

      Time will tell

      As in all things, time is the great equalizer when it comes to
      your relationship with your in-laws. Try to remember that your
      significant other and his or her family have had decades to
      figure out where they all stand in the family order, and how to
      react to any given situation. As a newcomer, it can be
      frightening and difficult to figure out where you fit in with
      this dynamic. Given time and a lot of patience, everything will
      eventually come together naturally.

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