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How To Find Websites That Provide Link Submission Forms Easily?

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  • Heris Yunora
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006

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      Article Title: How To Find Websites That Provide Link
      Submission Forms Easily?
      Author: Heris Yunora
      Word Count: 611
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      As a webmaster, keeping your website updated and fresh is not
      enough. You ought to assure its success by generating enough
      visitors to your website. It can be done by building backlinks
      to your website. Unfortunately link building is one of the most
      tedious tasks in online business. When exchanging links with
      other website owners, you need to find relevant websites. In
      addition, not every webmaster provides a facility to submit
      your site to his/hers. You may have to send out invitation
      emails to them to trade links with you. Although many
      webmasters have used this way successfully, sending invitation
      messages like that could put one into troubles because the
      receivers could complain about it.

      Nowadays there exists various tools available to webmasters to
      help them in making their website a success like scripts or
      programs to create link directories which are used to exchange
      links with others easily. These link directories normally have
      submission forms as a facility to webmasters to submit their
      sites. Submitting your website to sites that provide submission
      forms has some advantages. First you don't have to send out
      invitation emails which means you will be protected from being
      acussed as a spammer. Besides, if a site has a link directory,
      you can say that the owner is interested to trade links with
      others. You can even create one-way linking by submitting your
      site to many general directories.

      Finding websites which have link directories can be
      accomplished by using search phrases like "add url", "submit
      your site" or "exchange links with us" + [keyword] on search
      engines. But there is a disadvantage of using this way where
      you will find many unrelevant websites. You will find many
      websites which don't have submission forms but contain those
      search phrases on their webpages.

      Instead, you can try to use search phrases like these:

      -"Powered by eSyndiCat Link Exchange Script"
      -"Powered by the Free PHP Directory Script"
      -"Powered by SkaLinks"
      -"Powered by php Link Directory"

      Those are words that exist on link directories which were built
      using some reciprocal linking programs. You can try to find link
      directories which were created using other similar programs like
      LinkMachine and ReciprocalLinksPro.

      You should first find out the characteristics of each
      reciprocal linking program. Keep in mind that many programs
      will remove the words "Powered by ..." after their users become
      paid users. To overcome this problem you can use phrases like
      "Submission Rules" or "Submit your web site to just one
      category" or other phrases that always exist no matter whether
      the users have upgraded their programs or not.

      There is also another thing you should notice when using this
      way in order to create backlinks to your site. Since many
      websites don't put their main keywords on their link
      directories you may not be able to use search phrases like
      "Powered by php Link Directory" + [keyword]. That's why you
      should also visit their homepages before exchanging links with
      them to make sure that their sites are relevant to yours.

      Not only for finding sites that provide link submission forms,
      this technique can also be used for other purposes. For
      instance if you want to find article directories, you may try
      to use "Powered by Article Dashboard" as your search phrase.

      Although finding sites with submission forms like this has some
      disadvantages, but by using this technique you will be able to
      find many general directories easily. Another advantage you can
      gain is your sites will be submitted to link directories which
      have already been indexed by search engines.

      About The Author: Heris Yunora http://www.immediatereply.com -
      All About Automatic Responder

      Please use the HTML version of this article at:
      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

      For more free-reprint articles by Heris Yunora please visit:
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