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Learn German Online Sites

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  • Leon Ralston
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006

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      Article Title: Learn German Online Sites
      Author: Leon Ralston
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      http://MyLanguageExchange.com: A common place to learn German

      MyLanguageExchange is a website that offers free German lesson
      plans, and free guidelines and tips on language exchange, all
      designed by experts in language exchange learning.
      MyLanguageExchange allows you to learn German by getting you a
      German-speaking language exchange partner, to practice writing
      emails with pen pals in German, written German conversation
      with text chat, and spoken German using voice chat.

      The main emphasis with MyLanguageExchange is to learn real
      German slang, expressions, etc, used by ordinary native
      speakers, getting used to the manner in which real native
      speakers speak in casual German conversation, and finding a
      friend from the German-speaking culture.

      Deutsch-Lernen.com: Free lessons on learning German

      Deutsch-Lernen is a free online German learning course that
      incorporates 10 German lessons for total beginners, an overview
      of basic German grammar rules, assisted by concise grammar
      tables and example sentences; and 24 German grammar lessons for
      advanced learners, selected German exercises with 3 levels of
      difficulty, several (7) tips on new German orthography, and 2
      online German tests.

      Additional features of site include study tips, international
      pen pals, chat, famous quotations, and an online German
      dictionary to translate German terms into 70 languages
      including French, English, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese,
      Spanish, and more.

      Oklahoma State University German Online

      Oklahoma State University (http://osu.okstate.edu) offers a
      German Online learning curriculum started 1984 for high schools
      using the Internet. German Online is a series of distance
      learning courses, from which students can receive credit for
      the courses from their high school, and has now taught German
      to more than 20,000 students.

      OSU German Online provides 5-days-a week courses, which
      students can access via the internet to take quizzes and tests,
      and make use of video, animation and sound files to help them
      practice vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar points and learn
      the culture of German-speaking countries. Telephone sessions
      for learning spoken German and assistance via toll-free 800
      numbers are also available.

      German For Travellers

      Germanfortravellers is another online German learning site that
      offers free lessons, as well as paid courses. Free lessons
      include Vocabulary exercises with audio, Grammar, and other
      exercises such as Text-only, Crosswords, Pictures, Audio,
      Video, and Flash.

      In order to access the complete Germanfortravellers site and
      its special features, you have to sign up as a paid member,
      which is $15.95/year. Special Features include grammar
      explanations, Useful Vocab Lists, over 2000 audio files,
      culture pages etc.

      BabelNation.com German: Courses and Exams for free.

      BabelNation German is a web-service that offers totally free
      German courses, exercises and exams. The lessons are geared to
      enable learners to understand conversations, and communicate
      with German speaking natives. The website also allows you to
      design your own German worksheets and participate in the German
      language forum discussions. Interactive features of the
      BabelNation German includes the following features:

      � German sound examples
      � Vocabulary trainers
      � Online tests
      � Pictures

      About The Author: Speaking German has been made easy, more
      affordable and appealing than ever before with software. You
      can learn from home, your car, or even just before you sleep.
      For more information visit http://www.learngermantoday.com

      Please use the HTML version of this article at:
      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

      For more free-reprint articles by Leon Ralston please visit:
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