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secret groupie negelction

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  • Kiki Ries
    hey everyone. kiki here with more of her mass emailing for you to hold against her later on in life... most recently i ve teamed up with my friends craig
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2002
      hey everyone. kiki here with more of her mass emailing for you to hold against her later on in life...

      most recently i've teamed up with my friends craig (clevelandpunk.4t.com) and shaina to create a local punk fanzine called "Secret Groupie Neglection". craig and i have created a small site for the zine which you can check out at http://sgn.eastcoastpunk.com The zine will be partially about local acts and partially about national acts. we've already got some interviews completed/ scheduled, and we'll also have some other weird stuff in there for your entertainment. we've started work on issue #1 already, and we plan to have it finished in a couple weeks, for release right before the Cleveland Warped Tour date (july 26). you can email me for more info, or check out the site.

      as for my own other personal projects, i've finished issue #2 of "Rose Petals", a zine about love, like and lust. it's half-sized, 20 pages. i've still got to wait to make copies of it, but they'll be available very soon. once they are i'll add the zine to the raw daylight distro catalog (http://www.geocities.com/chix_inthe_pit/distro2.html).

      "the candy sugarless pleading protest", my first completely per-zine, is nearing completion. a couple more pages of layout to go and it should be done around the same time as SGN. "culture sh*ck #5" and "thee art of chicken" are still being worked on and i'm still looking for submissions (poetry, rants, artwork, comix, photos, etc. for either...chicken related for TAOC of course). the mixtape soundtrack for "culture sh*ck" is done, too, so those will be available as soon as i finish the zine for $2.

      erm...i think that's about it for me. raw daylight distro still looking for contributions and submissions, as always. so check out the site link (above) and help me out please. i'll love you forever =)

      hope you have/had a dandy fourth of july (i'm sitting around waiting for the kids across the street to be done with their firecrackers...i hate this holiday). with much luff and bobo -bri aka kiki

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