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How To Triple Your List Building Rate With Squeeze Pages

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  • Willie Crawford
    Free-Reprint Article Written by: Willie Crawford See Terms of Reprint Below.***************************************************************** * * This
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Willie Crawford
      See Terms of Reprint Below.

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      Article Title:
      How To Triple Your List Building Rate With Squeeze Pages

      Article Description:
      Most people in the Internet marketing arena know what a squeeze
      page is. However, most marketers that I've seen try to
      implement one do a terrible job. Therefore they get less
      than desirable results.

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      Written By: Willie Crawford
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      How To Triple Your List Building Rate With Squeeze Pages
      Copyright � 2006 Willie Crawford
      Butterfly Marketing

      Most people in the Internet marketing arena know what a squeeze
      page is. However, most marketers that I've seen try to
      implement one do a terrible job. Therefore they get less
      than desirable results.

      For the uninitiated, here's a quick definition. A squeeze page
      is a webpage that, when the visitor "lands" on it, he is asked
      to opt-in to some type of list in order to proceed further. On
      some squeeze pages, your only options are to opt-in or leave.
      On others, you are given a method to continue exploring the
      site without opting in. Purist would argue that the second
      type isn't a real squeeze page.

      The rationale behind using a squeeze page is that most Internet
      marketers realize that the vast majority of visitor will not buy
      from a site on the first visit. So, these marketers make list
      building their top priority. If they can just collect the
      email address, along with permission to follow-up, then they'll
      get other opportunities to make the sale later.

      A squeeze page, generally, has some enticing bullets on it, and
      does a thorough job of describing what you'll be able to access
      after you enter your data. The enticing offer on the
      squeeze page, that has the visitor salivating to get at what's
      behind that "door," is essential.

      The most effective squeeze pages that I've seen, used
      enticing emails to drive traffic to the sites. These emails were
      either emailed by joint venture partners, or by the product
      owner who was introducing a new product.

      That email that drove traffic to the squeeze page, sent them
      there already READY to sign up. That email, if it did its
      job, thoroughly described what was waiting on the site, and
      so the squeeze page was only a slight inconvenience. It was not
      enough of an inconvenience to be noticeably objectionable to
      those who were already thoroughly sold on the product concept.

      The enticing email that does the pre-sell is a step many less-
      savvy marketers skip. Because their visitors aren't pre-sold,
      their conversion rates are much lower than they would otherwise

      Squeeze pages often experience "leakage" because many visitors
      knows how to view the page's html source code, and locate the
      url of the follow-on webpage. So they can just enter that url
      to access what's behind the door.

      A good way to prevent this type of leakage (if you want to) is
      to encrypt the url for that follow-on webpage. Another way to
      do this is to EMAIL what was promised on the squeeze page. So,
      if the visitor doesn't provide an email address (or provides
      a bogus email address) they don't get to enjoy what was
      promised on the squeeze page.

      If you'd like to see an example of one of the most effective
      squeeze pages that I've seen lately, check out

      On the page above, notice that if you try to circumvent the
      squeeze page, you CANNOT just access the information. Instead,
      you are simply given another chance to opt-in. This is a
      brilliant implementation of a squeeze page.

      By the way, you should go ahead and opt-in at
      http://ButterflyMarketing.net That way you can study the rest
      of the process being used. You need to see the full picture in
      order to set up your COMPLETE process correctly!

      One other nice implementation of a squeeze page that I've seen
      is one that passes information from the squeeze page on to the
      next page. So, the next page that you get to after filling in
      the form may have your name, or some other personal data, right
      in the copy on the page.

      An example of the above might be a site selling pet toys. The
      form might ask what type of pet you have and your pet's name.
      On the next page, as you read through the copy you might see
      your pet's name scattered throughout the page, or you might
      see mention of the specific type of pet that you have.

      The type of squeeze page described above can be very powerful if
      done correctly. If it's not too blatant, your visitor may not
      even consciously notice that the page is personalized and
      specifically targeting him. For example, if that page only
      mentions the type of pet that you have, or some other seemingly
      innocuous fact, the personalization will still make the copy
      talk to YOU more. However it won't be as "in your face"
      as when the copy uses your name.

      There is actually a piece of software that will generate this
      type of squeeze page for you. That way, you don't have to
      understand how to set up coding that tells the page how to pass
      variables from one page to the next. This software is called
      Squeeze Page Generator. You find it at:

      When you visit the page above, enter your name and email
      address, and the demo will show YOU what your visitors will see
      when you use this software on your site.

      I've tested Squeeze Page Generator on some of my sites, and it
      DOES increase conversions. I prefer using it where it's less
      "in your face" as I've described above ;-)

      When you use Squeeze Page Generator that way, your visitors feel
      more connected to you and your copy, but they don't really know
      why. I think that makes it more effective.

      Many online marketers do use squeeze pages, because, while they
      may irritate a small percentage of your visitors, they have
      been proven to increase your signup percentages. If they don't
      opt-in to your list, then there's no way for you to follow-up
      with those who don't buy on that first visit. Consider adding
      squeeze pages to your marketing arsenal today.

      Willie Crawford has been marketing on the Internet for over 9
      years. Many consider him, and his millionaire mentors, the
      top online marketers. Learn more of the proven "butterfly
      marketing methods" Willie and many of his mentors use at:

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