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91884Poems from the Desert... :D

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  • Ulysses Cabínatan
    May 1, 2011
      *The Voice of the Birds***

      *I�m alone in the desert*

      *Sitting on the sand*

      *Watching the birds*

      *as they noisily chirp*

      *Picking something from the sand*

      * *

      *I was wondering*

      *Seems they�re so happy*

      *despite this barren land*

      *What they are eating?*

      *out from the blank sand?*

      * *


      *they gleefully chirp*

      *til the sun increases its heat*

      *Oh, time for the oil and gas workers to work*

      *the pipeline's noise, started to cover the birds chirp.*

      * *

      *Glad the birds continue tweedling*

      *it�s more lovely to hear*

      *than the noise from trucks and machines*

      * *


      *I dunno what the birds are talking*

      *maybe they�re also wondering*

      *What I�m doing and*

      *why I�m alone sitting in the desert.*

      * *

      *~Champs Ulysses Cabinatan*

      *@}--,-- @}--,-- @}--,-- ***

      * *

      *The Desert Fly***

      *I saw a desert fly*

      *it doesn�t look as dirty as the housefly*

      *though not as lovely as the butterfly.*

      * *

      *its wings as small as the ant wings*

      *its color is light shade of gray.*

      * *


      * playing on my hands*

      *She�s alone*

      *and seems enjoying my skin***

      *and walking on my palm*

      * *

      *~Champs Ulysses Cabinatan***


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