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  • Agent With Style
    May 4, 2010
      Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59
      pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell
      out *fast*!

      We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

      -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
      latest zine listings!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


      * Magnificent Seven *


      From Christmas to birthdays to holidays they just made up, come
      celebrate with these seven hotties who would rather make love than war.

      "Memento Mori" by Sue N. -- (Memorial Day, Chris/Vin) The two men think
      back to the meaning of sacrifice.

      "The Delivery" by Wildcat -- (Birthday and Anniversary, Chris/Vin) A
      special package arrives.

      "The Birthday Gift" by Shea -- (Birthday, Chris/Vin) It's always nice when
      you get just what you want for your birthday.

      "September 3" by Farad -- (Anniversary, Chris/Vin) Some anniversaries bring
      back bad memories, but with the right person you can make it through.

      "The Greatest Gift" by Ruby J. -- (Christmas, Chris/Vin) Knowing what the
      greatest gift is can be a blessing.

      "Hopes and Dreams" by Ruby J. -- (Christmas, Chris/Vin) Holding on to your
      hopes and dreams is easier when you have someone there beside you.

      "Dancing Around" by Farad -- (A special occassion, Chris/Vin) When they
      stop over in a town, Chris and Vin end up at a dance that sparks a private
      dance between the two men.

      "Its Own Place" by Farad -- (Heat Wave, Chris/Vin) When you can't escape
      the heat, you'll try anything.


      * NCIS *


      In this electric novel by Ashleigh Anpilova, the true nature of the
      relationship between Gibbs and Ducky becomes widely known about when Mrs.
      Mallard turns up at the NCIS offices one morning demanding to see her 'son's
      boyfriend.' Upon talking to her, Gibbs learns that Ducky has apparently
      been kidnapped; a search of Ducky's Reston home confirms this. Despite the
      best efforts of him and his team, there appears to be no leads. And then
      Gibbs is sent a letter and the sharp eyes of McGee reveal more than the
      writer necessarily intended. Suddenly, it's a race against time to see if
      Gibbs can find his lover before it is too late.


      * The Professionals *


      Labeled as "a Professionals (more or less) slash (sort of) zine," this
      is a collection of 13 tales, of which 8 are The Professionals and the
      remaining 5 are in the following fandoms: A Christmas Carol, Star Trek: The
      Next Generation, Original fiction, Pride and Prejudice and Star Wars. And
      the split between gen and slash is roughly the same, 9 slash tales and 4
      gen. This zine definitely runs the gamut of best-buddies all the way up to
      smokin'-hot-sex, and with authors as diverse as Henry Jenkins (yes, the
      "Textual Poachers" Henry Jenkins!), Maiden Wyoming, Eros, Lainie Stone and
      more, the intriguing and amazing writing will keep you riveted to the very
      last page. This zine is definitely not what you expect!


      * The Sentinel *


      In this engaging gen novel, "Letter From Hades" by Demeter, when a case
      involving the ritual sacrifice of children ends in the hands of the Major
      Crimes Unit, memories that Blair thought long buried surface, along with a
      troubling secret -- he is suffering from multiple personality disorder.
      Now, Blair struggles to piece his life back together, and Jim tries to
      protect him as well as find the man responsible for Blair's condition.

      Note: This is not a slash story, but one of Blair's personalities in
      the story is gay and he is depicted with an Original Male Character.


      * Stargate SG-1 *

      STARGATE: EXPLORER (slash version)

      The story of the Stargate is Daniel's story, and has been since the
      beginning. Experience the further adventures of Doctor Daniel Jackson on
      his quest to see what's out there, to make friends, battle enemies and find
      his own path through the galaxy as he searches for peace, justice and a
      place to call home.

      Lady Grey has said this is her last official Stargate fanfic
      publication. This special 'behind the scenes' slash adaptation of her
      Stargate: Explorer novel is a look at the 'rest of the story' -- 50
      additional pages! -- of Daniel's journey through tragedy of galactic
      proportions, utter isolation, emotional devastation, and back to hope as
      Daniel finds previously unknown allies, hidden talents, and a new vision for
      the future. This story is exclusive and will not appear on the net.


      * Supernatural *


      This series, written by a cadre of fantastic authors, and illustrated
      by gorgeous artwork, begins two months following the events of "No Rest for
      the Wicked," the third season finale of Supernatural, where Dean is killed
      and dragged to Hell. Sam, the sole remainder of the Winchester bloodline,
      continues the hunt. His main concern is Lilith, the demon who holds Dean's
      contract, in hopes that killing her will free Dean from the worst reaches of
      Hell. Beside him on the journey is the demon Ruby, but can he trust her?

      "As Daylight Dies..." by Andy Epsilantis, Chris Sizemore, and Hazel Jones
      In the first episode, Sam and Ruby head out to San Francisco,
      California where a solar eclipse has supernaturally lasted for one week and
      it doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon. While they are there, they
      meet Travis Sheridan, a fellow hunter.

      "Vastata Incendia" by Chris Sizemore, Hazel Jones Godwin, and Andy
      With Travis Sheridan now a full-fledged member of their team, Sam and
      his friends move onto Pierre, South Dakota where an explosion in a train
      station claims the lives of several hundred people. Sam and Ruby recognize
      that the explosion is similar to the one that killed FBI agent Henriksen
      earlier in the year. They figure Lilith must be near, and a new demon,
      Carson Adams, might have something to do with it.

      "Savagery" by Hazel Jones Godwin, Andy Epsilantis, and Chris Sizemore
      After running through Pierre in an attempt to kill Lilith and free
      Dean from the worst corridors of Hell, Sam, Ruby and Travis head to the
      Grand Canyon where tourists are being savagely murdered by a mysterious
      entity. There, they meet a young boy named Alex, who may be more than meets
      the eye.

      "The Stranger" by Chris Sizemore and Andy Epsilantis
      The mysterious demon Carson Adams returns to warn Sam on the
      whereabouts of Lilith's next attack. However, when the gang gets ambushed by
      a horde of hellhounds en route, they know they've been betrayed.

      "Thievery" by Chris Sizemore and Andy Epsilantis
      While Sam and his friends are passing through Seattle, Washington, a
      news report hits the airwaves of Ruby stealing from a local museum and
      killing two security guards in the process. Now, they must figure out how
      she could be in two places at once while trying to evade a new FBI agent on
      their trail.

      "You'll Be in My Heart" by Shannon Collins
      Carson and Sam cast a spell that will supposedly allow Sam to contact
      Dean. However, the spell backfires and returns Travis' deceased son Jason
      to him. Sam suspects that something is amiss with the new arrival, but
      Travis, blinded by his love for his son, refuses to look beyond the precious
      child that has been returned to him.

      "Because I See" by Andy Epsilantis and Chris Sizemore
      While Sam's psychic powers continue to slowly bubble to the surface,
      his visions return... with him seeing his friends' deaths. In the aftermath
      of the vision, Sam joins Carson in South Dakota to stop not just Ruby's and
      Travis' fates, but also to collect the prize at the end of the tunnel: a
      mysterious gem with supernatural properties.


      * The X-Files *


      In this intriguing Mulder/Skinner novel, written by Grey, after a
      brutal attack on Fox Mulder, Walter Skinner and Dana Scully must dig through
      secrets and lies to get to the truth, and those secrets and lies aren't just
      coming from outsiders like Alex Krycek and the Smoking Man - they're coming
      from Mulder, too, as he comes undone. Only one man can put him back
      together, but will Skinner be able to hold the course? Lots of great
      hurt/comfort and angst like only Grey can do! Don't miss this zine!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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