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  • revelations64
    Jun 8 5:07 AM
      I'm not sure where our Esteemed Founder has gone
      off to, so I'll play Welcome Wagon.<br><br>Tell us a
      little about yourselves, your 'zine, etc. If you have
      questions about anything, feel free to post, and we'll do
      our best to answer them. I've been doing my mag for
      just over a year, now, and have committed myself to
      getting two issues printed this month. (Although some
      days I think I should be committed in the other sense
      of the word.) One of them shouldn't be too bad to
      finish, as it's mostly a compilation of articles from the
      past year.<br><br>As for trading issues, if you're
      interested in an eclectic little anime-based fanzine, let me
      know, and we can work something out.
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