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559Tranny Roadshow Update

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  • tranny road show
    Jun 3, 2005
      ***The Tranny Roadshow now has an official e-mail list
      to keep folks up to date as we plan for next year.
      From now on, messages will be sent only to that list,
      so this could be your last e-mail from us unless you
      sign up by sending an e-mail to
      trannyroadshow-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or going to
      http://www.trannyroadshow.org – and don’t worry, the
      messages won’t come often.***

      Hey folks!

      The Tranny Roadshow 2005 ended on Sunday, May 22, and
      we can now officially say that the tour was a success.
      We had 47 shows in 66 days all over the US and
      Canada, and performed for over 4,000 people. Of
      course we made some mistakes and ran into some
      challenges, but that just means that we learned how to
      make The Tranny Roadshow even bigger and better in

      We are going to take a little time recuperating before
      planning anything for next year, but planning will
      begin this summer so that we have lots of time to
      build a fantastic tour. We’re always looking for new
      ideas for venues, content, performers, etc. Feel free
      to contact us any time at trannyroadshow@...

      In the meantime, the website has been updated with
      photos from this year’s tour. Check them out at

      Many thanks to everyone who came to see us, brought
      your friends, performed in a show, helped with
      booking, let us sleep on your couches, fed us, and
      filled us up with inspiration and laughter! We
      couldn’t have done it without every one of you…

      Jamez & Kelly

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