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448New zines and song vids at AWS!

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  • Mystery Frank
    May 6 5:52 PM
      Only a couple of weeks left to place
      your MediaWest pre-con order!
      Why not start one now? You can always add to it!


      Newly added to the AGENT WITH STYLE webpage:


      *Song Vids*

      ESCAPADE 2001 (Tape format only)

      ESCAPADE 2002 (Tape format only)

      IN THE BEGINNING.... (Tape format only)

      SONGS FOR SLASHERS 4 (CD/Tape formats)


      *Harry Potter*


      This gen novella by Ronni Katz takes place right after the end
      of "The Order of the Phoenix". Harry is back at 4 Privet Drive,
      facing another boring summer, when an owl arrives, inviting him back
      to Hogwarts for a special summer session. Hogwarts has *never*
      had "summer school" before! The mystery of why a thousand-year-old
      tradition of "no school" in the summer is the first of many mysteries
      ahead for Harry, Ron and Hermione. Old friends and a few new faces
      join the "magical Scooby gang" in this as true-to-JKR as a fan story
      can get novella. Don't miss it!


      *Battlestar Galactica*


      Serena's death left a void in Apollo's life, and a close friend
      accused him of seeking death. Then Sheba died -- and Apollo left on
      a mission from which he never returned. Written by Joy Harrison,
      Sharon Monroe, Marj Ihssen and David Morgan, this gen novel asks:
      What happened to Apollo? And why does Starbuck, alone of all those
      who loved him, refuse to believe he is dead?


      Written in traditional script-format, this one-act play by Sharon
      Monroe is a Shakespearean-style drama parodying the
      original "Battlestar Galactica." Join the heroic crew of the
      Blastica as they attempt to destroy an enemy garrison and capture the
      evil Shylons' stolium supplies, in a desperate effort to preserve the
      last remnants of the human race!


      Starbuck thought he was dying; he'd been given a death sentence. A
      degenerative nerve disorder had already slowed his reflexes, barred
      him from flying and taken from him all that might make his last
      sectons bearable. He sought oblivion -- and met his future in an
      ethereal, dark-haired woman, garbed in shimmering white. This
      fascinating novel of death and transfiguration, written by Honore
      Bright, beautifully illustrated by Gennie Summers and Mel White, with
      a gorgeous cover by Karen River, is a *must* addition to any BSG


      The blue-and-white globe fit the description of the planet Terra so
      perfectly that it might have been a twin -- except that the main city
      wasn't blasted; it was just abandoned. The Galactica sent a landing
      party to investigate, but things went badly from the beginning. When
      Sheba's Viper crashed, she wasn't hurt, but the small fighter was a
      total loss. Then, as Starbuck and Athena explored the ruins of what
      had once been some great public edifice, they found Room A... and
      Jiesser... And the nightmare began. Written by Linda Ruth Pfonner
      and lavishly illustrated by Gennie Summers, Mel White and Mea Culpa,
      with a cover by the incomparable Karen River, this gen novel is a
      spellbinding story of deep friendship and treachery.

      Dozens of fandoms. Hundreds of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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